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Everything about healing comes down to one simple rule:

You must become who-you-really-are. That means to love, accept and be yourself, in all your beautiful human messiness, no matter what. You can’t contract your energy or dim your light in fear, or for anyone else. The biggest and best work of our lives is gently releasing anything - emotional baggage, beliefs, and patterns - getting in our way of that.

The more you come back to being unapologetically you, the better your life will feel. Your energy will flow, your body will be in full healing mode, and you’ll be on your way to miracles.

Bonus: Life will also be super fun and a million times easier than it is now.


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Self-Healing: How to Take Your Power Back for $2

January 7, 2015

Do you feel totally out of control? Like everything is happening to you and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. Feeling helpless is a serious threat to the immune system — and so many of us who are moving through health or emotional journeys can tend to feel like there’s little we […]


Giving Tuesday: Free Stem Cells for Lyme Disease + a Letter About Healing

December 2, 2014

It’s GIVING TUESDAY and a man I know is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I was asked to share here. Let me explain… In 2008, when all of my medical treatments for late-stage Lyme disease (and every autoimmune disease under the sun) failed, I was given an opportunity to receive an embryonic stem cell transplant […]


Healing Blocks: 4 Things You’re Lying To Yourself About

November 5, 2014

One of the very best things we can do for our healing is to be brutally honest with ourselves. It’s only then that we can make real and profound internal changes that push us forward in our healing. However, it’s so hard to identify those lies and stop them — mostly because we’ve become very, very […]


Information Overload: How To Deal With Too Many Treatment Choices

October 27, 2014

Illness is always full of dilemmas – what should I do now? What is the right thing for me? When is it the right time to change course? Which thing do I need to chase now? That’s why I never share posts or articles or any information about illness itself. I always share about healing. […]


Disclaimer: As a Minister of Holistic Healing and energy therapy practitioner trained in energy psychology and energy medicine, I work with clients to balance the energies of their body in relationship to traumatic events, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that may be interfering with optimal well-being. I am not a licensed health care professional and my services do not replace the care from health care professionals. Therefore, my services do not in any way relate to medical and/or psychological clinical treatment. I do not diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders.