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I see myself as your partner in energetic healing, but it’s still totally your gig. I want you to gain your power back and that includes making yourself the biggest piece of your healing process. With that said, I’ll back you up completely and teach you everything I know about healing. I’ll help you figure out the stuff that’s driving you crazy.  I will also probably make you laugh — a lot.

Together, we’ll use a powerful approach to eliminate emotional energies that are no longer workin’ for you. The system I’ve created will help you identify them, release them, and move on with your life. My goal is to get you in the best place possible as quickly as we can, while honoring the sometimes-slow unfolding, flowing process of healing.

If you’ve done “energy work” before and you’re frustrated with results, just know this work will be different. And when we do something different, we open ourselves up to a different outcome.



I’m currently booked through June 2019. Please contact me if you would like to be on my waiting list or are interested in working with my assistant practitioner (fully trained by me and so amazing that I send my own family and friends to her – she works in 60 minute sessions).


About intensive sessions

I work in intensive sessions by phone where I’ll help you figure out what’s keeping you sick or stuck and how to release it — for good.

I’ve done thousands of client sessions to help people just like you. Using my intuition and expertise, I’ll be able to hone in on your specific blockages affecting (yep, even if they’re subconscious) and determine how you can clear them in order to heal.

Step 1: Identify what’s keeping you stuck

This is the part of the healing process most people need my individualized help with – “What emotional baggage is blocking me and how the heck do I fix it?”

By tuning into your body’s energy system, I will be able to intuitively pick up on exactly what thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are blocking you. I will also tell you give you specific instructions on how to release them using my signature techniques.

Types of blockages may include experiences from your past that are stressing your body, harmful beliefs making it hard to heal, stuck emotions in specific parts of your body, patterns of self-sabotage, emotional patterns contributing to symptoms, and more.

For example, I might pick up on energy around the death of a grandparent from age 3 that’s creating the belief “the world is unsafe” and show you how to clear it it using my Thymus Test & Tap technique. Or I may find anger stuck in your lungs from age 10 and give you suggestions on releasing it with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

I can typically identify 5-8 blockages each session.

Step 2: Release stuck energy using my simple techniques

You’ll leave our time together with a nice tidy list of what to address and the confidence of knowing exactly what to do after our session to see real improvement. You will then work through that list after our session using the specific instructions I gave you. I’ll be available if you have any questions as you go – just email me!

New to my work? Our sessions will be most beneficial if you are familiar with my approach and techniques. If you’re not there yet, no worries. You can work with my amazing assistant practitioner who offers longer form sessions and the hands-on help of doing the deep clearing techniques with you. See more below in FAQ.

Step 3: Move forward in your healing

When you’ve checked off the items on our list and are ready to work with the next layer, we’ll do another appointment and keep going. You should feel better and better after each session. Teamwork wins!

Intensive sessions are $180 (20 minutes by phone)

I typically find that 2-3 intensive sessions are enough to help most people turn a corner and start feeling a lot better. It varies from person to person but many people begin to feel better even after they address the issues we discussed in our first session.

By tuning into someone’s body quietly for a few seconds, I am able to identify helpful information including: specific parts of the body storing old memories, ages from one’s life where trauma needs to be released, imbalances in different body systems, and more. I can then relay this detailed information, along with which of my techniques will most effectively clear the energy, so you can address it once and for all.

SO much! After working with private clients since 2012, I realized that most people need my help with identifying exactly what to do to feel better; not in the actual doing. That’s why these intensive sessions work – I am laser focused on giving you tons of actionable guidance that I’m confident will help you feel better. I’m an expert detective at finding even the most stubborn subconscious blocks so you can release them and move on. During each session, I typically identify 5-8 major energetic blockages that you haven’t yet worked on which help you get results you haven’t yet gotten (yay). People who are new to my work are sometimes reluctant about 20 minutes being so powerful, but I take that as a challenge! Ha. Over and over again, these intensive sessions help my clients create huge, positive shifts. We’ll rock it, I promise!

Some feedback from recent clients:

“That was seriously the best time I’ve ever spent with a practitioner. I’ve already applied the techniques as Amy told me and can feel a huge difference. Thank you!!!”

“The 20 minutes I spent with Amy totally got me out of frozen mode! I started working on the items she told me to clear and within a few days, was finally seeing improvements after years of nothing!”

“I am so confident about doing my own healing work now. A few intensive sessions with Amy has helped me finally heal after years of chronic unexplained pain!!! I can hardly believe it!”

Yes! Longer sessions may be especially useful if you’re new to my techniques and approach. I have an amazing assistant practitioner who I trained over several years. I trust her with my very own family! She offers 60-minute sessions for hands-on support and will do the deep clearing with you. Sessions with my assistant are $150 and can be booked by contacting me.


If you want to master my entire healing approach and be forever empowered in your own life, my online healing program is for you.  

Fast-track to healing

The combo of my online healing program + private guidance through one-on-one sessions is a perfect blend because you’ll master my entire healing approach and techniques through the online modules AND also benefit from my laser focused guidance to help you apply what you’ve learned in a super effective, powerful way.

What you’ll get

  • 10 video lessons with me
  • Suggested healing homework
  • Workbook
  • Live clearing sessions
  • Powerful bonuses
  • The gift of being empowered
  • Level 3 includes sessions with me; no wait time
  • So much more

Start feeling better right away

This program was designed to help people begin healing as soon as they start. I’ll be there waiting via video to lead you through every single step of learning my techniques and using them to clear old emotional baggage from your body. You don’t need to know anything before you begin except for that you are ready to heal (yay)! Online students also get priority scheduling with me for sessions.

Click to work with me through my online program.


My approach has been successful for people moving through all kinds of challenges, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Excessive worry, fear, sadness, guilt and anger
  • Social fears
  • Difficulty healing
  • Being highly sensitive (energetically, emotionally and physically)
  • Feeling “stuck” and unhappy
  • Diseases described as chronic or autoimmune in nature
  • Reactions to food and environment
  • Negative thinking
  • Panic attacks
  • Pretty much anything you can think of!