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When I started publicly sharing my work, I kept my social media page “professional” (aka, “neutral”). I stayed away from sharing any strong opinions and insights. As time went on, I realized that was wrong. I am not simply a professional, a brand, or a business—I’m a person. More important, I’m a person who teaches that being our true selves is what really matters.

I’ve received emails from many of you and questions from clients asking what I think about certain things, especially during these wild times we’ve been living in. I always offer an answer to those who ask, but I thought I should go a step further. I want to offer these thoughts to those of you who don’t email me or ask because … well, being “professional” or “neutral” just doesn’t feel right anymore.

Here’s what I believe.

*I believe in natural healing. I also believe you should never ever feel ashamed of embracing medicine in whatever form feels right to you. I believe that any practitioner who makes you feel bad about exploring all the possibilities you align with—whether a western doctor, a chiropractor, or an integrative physician—is one you should RUN from. I support you in each in being open to the medicine/surgery/etc. you need to get relief while also doing the deeper inner work you are guided to do. I have experienced a lot of medical trauma myself so I get the fear of taking tests, medications and so forth. It’s taken me awhile to realize that a lot of the trauma for me has also come from well-meaning natural practitioners as well which turned me so against western medicine that it intensified the problem. I have finally found my balance of integrating and trusting in both paths. For myself, I choose the path of least resistance. What feels best and easiest to me? I always focus on the emotional stress or baggage that may be affecting me as a core principle of wellbeing, but I am also fine taking Advil if I need immediate relief, getting an x-ray if needed, etc. — because that sometimes feels like the easiest, healthiest thing for me.

*I believe that the emotional piece is a huge part of a healing. Massive. I really do feel emotional baggage and stress contribute greatly to every imbalance in the mind-body. But that doesn’t mean you should at all deny what you are experiencing in your physical body. Even though we know that stress and trauma can contribute to and cause symptoms in the physical body, we must also acknowledge the physical body is a real thing. It’s unfair to use spirituality or natural healing as a way to bypass or dismiss your physical human experience. We can (and should!) acknowledge and address both.

*I will and do delete anything sent to me along the lines of “Why fear is the only virus,” “Watch this YouTube video before they take it down,” and “The truth about …..” There are seeds of truth in many things out there. But there are often distortions or total inaccuracies as well (and you can find them by doing thorough research). Generally speaking, I just find it totally unhelpful and fear-inducing.

*Denying reality is often a trauma response. If someone denies reality, they don’t have to deal with their emotions about it. Don’t listen to anyone who is trying to talk you out of feeling, experiencing, and seeing what you feel and see. We are spiritual beings who rightly believe so many wonderful things. Yay! These include principles like mind over matter and these things can be helpful if we align with them. However, not everyone aligns and that’s okay. I keep hearing people say things like “Pain is an illusion” or “None of this matters anyway.” That could be true (Who knows?); but it’s also true that we have to experience our pain and live our lives here and now. We also have to live in reality. People live with tremendous struggles every day. When you can, it’s healthy to disconnect from any person or spiritual teachings that are not lifting you and others up.

*We live in a time when fear is being promoted by many people. The ones that tell you that you are weak or not seeing “the truth” if you do feel fearful are no better than the ones who tells you that you should be driven by fear. Fear is healthy in many ways. It’s a human defense. It’s ok if you feel scared. At the same time, it’s healthy to work on releasing fear so you can support your nervous system and overall wellbeing. Promoting fearful rhetoric is something I don’t tolerate no matter who or where it’s coming from.

*Never ever listen to any practitioner, leader, or teacher without listening to yourself as well. To be absolutely clear—I teach that you can heal yourself. Whatever healing means to you is good for me. I won’t even tell you what “healed” should be because heck if I know. For me, it’s feeling good in my body (most of the time) while also living a life—pizza, TV, fun! And while I teach the tools I used and have helped others, I completely trust that you are still your own best guru. If I ever say something that feels untrue for you, I encourage you to completely ignore the crap outta me, ok?

*I am NOT an all “love and light” author. I won’t even try to be that person. I stand for love but also fiercely AGAINST those who support racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and abuse of human rights. I believe in community. I believe in protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

I realize not all of you will resonate with my beliefs, which is A-OK. I’m have no interest in debating with anyone on the topics, but I hope that for those of you who have been asking or wondering … that this has been helpful. And maybe even helped you find some relief in some way.

Sending you all lots of good energy right now and always. 

Deep breath,



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