Audio Session: Alternate Temple Tapping for Anxiety (with Amy B. Scher)

Alternate Temple Tapping (ATT): This is a technique I created that combines tapping on the temples to release emotional blocks specifically by engaging the powerful triple warmer meridian— which governs the body’s freakout response.

Because the temples are the starting point of the triple warmer meridian, I’ve found tapping on them to be extremely useful, especially to release the most stuck emotional energy. In this technique, we use tapping alternately on each side of the face with your fingertips (tap left, tap right) to activate both hemispheres of the brain. This is a process called bilateral stimulation, which is a small piece of EMDR therapy (a therapy that needs to be done with a practitioner). But the bilateral stimulation component is integrated into many types of techniques and has proven to reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and help release “stuck” thoughts.

I find Alternate Temple Tapping (ATT) to be very powerful in the “letting go” process because of how we are addressing the fight, flight, or freeze mechanism along with the emotional energy or block.

Click to play the audio session here:

Tapping point on hand: Karate chop point on the side of the hand

Temples: Tap alternately on each temple (left, right, left, right)

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