Amy’s “SO WHAT” EFT Tapping Script for frustration with healing

By Amy B. Scher

This script is for when you are feeling frustrated with yourself or the healing process. Here, we’re going to release pent of frustration around ourselves and the healing process so we can use it for HEALING instead. The best news is that this is actually a super fun script that will help you feel lighter and better right away.

Note: You can use the EFT and Chakra tapping points from my book, How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can. For my students who know Alternate Temple Tapping (not publicly shared until my next book comes out: How To Heal Yourself From Depression When No One Else Can), you may use ATT tapping points instead if you choose  ALL BOOKS can be purchase on Amazon or most independent bookstores.

If you want to see a video of the techniques, you can do that here:
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Happy tapping!



SO WHAT EFT Tapping Script

Step 1: Start tapping on the karate chop point continuously while repeating these statements:

  • Even though I feel __________ (describe your frustration with yourself and healing), I say SO WHAT!
  • Even though I wish _______ (I was healing faster, feeling better right now, etc.) I choose to let it go because … SO WHAT!
  • Even though I have really been feeling _______, I can say SO WHAT and free myself!

Step 2:  Cycle through the rest of the points using these statements as a guide (add your own or revise mine to feel more natural).

(here are the EFT points but you can use the other points I mentioned above if you prefer)

What we are doing in this part of the script is talking specifically and honestly about our frustrations to release them instead of analyze and internalize them!

  • I just feel annoying because  ___________ (I’m not healing, I’m so high maintenance, etc.)
  • I hate feeling/being this way
  • I feel it in my ______ (name part of body if you feel the emotion about this challenge, if anywhere)
  • I don’t know what to do with myself anymore
  • But SO WHAT!
  • I need so much self care ..
  • I just want to be easy going!
  • But SO WHAT!
  • I just feel so ______ (describe it – inadequate, high maintenance, etc.)
  • I just can’t stop hating that I’m ______
  • But SO WHAT!

Step 3: Continue tapping for several more rounds.

Continue tapping through all the points while “venting” about how you feel, why you feel that way, and adding SO WHAT every few points to signal to your body to accept what is so you can release that energy and stay sane 

Step 4: Wrap-up with positive statements.

Once youare happy with the improvement, or need to finish your tapping session, do one more round using all positive statements.

  • Ok, maybe I am more high maintenance than I want but …
  • SO WHAT!
  • I do wish things were different but …
  • SO WHAT!
  • I can be okay anyway
  • I am fine!
  • I’ll get through this
  • Even if it takes me longer than I want …
  • SO WHAT!
  • SO WHAT!
  • SO WHAT!
  • SO WHAT!
  • SO WHAT!
  • SO WHAT!
  • SO WHAT!
  • SO WHAT!
  • SO WHAT!
  • SO WHAT!
  • 🙂 🙂 🙂

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