Amy’s Tapping Script for difficulty sleeping

By Amy B. Scher

This script is for when you are having trouble sleeping — getting to or staying asleep.

Note: You can use the EFT, Chakra Tapping, or Alternate Temple Tapping points — whatever you choose. You can find how to tap using all of those methods in my book, How To Heal Yourself From Depression When No One Else Can or on YouTube by watching my Techniques Tutorial.

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Difficulty Sleeping Tapping Script

Doing this every night about an hour before bed will help to set a new pattern.

1. Start tapping on the karate chop point while repeating these statements:

  • Even though I have trouble sleeping, I choose to change this pattern.

  • Even though I _________ (describe the problem – is it difficulty falling

    asleep, staying asleep, etc.?), I’m ready to change this now.

  • Even though I worry so much about if I’ll sleep, I choose to find a new


2. Next, cycle through the rest of the points:

  • I can’t sleep

  • I’m so worried I’ll be exhausted tomorrow

  • There is some inner conflict not allowing me to rest

  • It’s keeping me awake

  • Maybe I’m scared to relax and let go

  • Because then I’m not in control

  • All my subconscious worries come up at night

  • I feel safer when I’m awake on high alert

  • This old pattern of not sleeping

3. Continue tapping for several more rounds.

Continue tapping through all the points “venting” about the challenge. Take a deep breath or two in between every few rounds.

4. Wrap-up with positive statements.

Once you are happy with the improvement, or are done with your tapping session, do one more round using all positive statements:

  • It’s safe to sleep now
  • I’m ready to have better nights now
  • I can change this pattern now
  • I’m releasing that old energy
  • It’s safe to relax now
  • I can retrain my body again
  • Ready to sleep
  • Ready to relax
  • Sleep can come easy to me
  • I am safe

Great job!!

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