Hi! I know it’s not easy to ask for help, but I’m so glad you’re here.

While I no longer offer private healing sessions, there are lots of great options below.



60-minute Deep Healing Sessions (with Amy’s assistant practitioner)

/ $150

Note (2021): My incredible assistant practitioner, whom I trained over several years, has taken over all my 60-minute sessions. She is AMAZING and I literally trust her to the extent that my own family works with her (and so do I when I want support).  She uses all my techniques, has incredible intuition, and also is a pro at muscle testing. She has been through her own journey and truly “gets” it in the same way as I do.

These sessions will help you fully and completely address the emotional aspects of illness or other challenges. Deep healing sessions are for you if you want to use my approach and techniques but need some one-on-one support (don’t we all sometimes? Yes!). These deep healing sessions will help you gently uncover and release the emotional and energetic layers that have been holding you back — so you can feel and heal better. During your sessions, you’ll be guided through techniques and also gain a deeper understanding of your own journey and how to do important work on your own in between sessions.

How sessions work: The work that’s done in sessions are for one purpose — to help you come back into balance and into your full healing mode. During sessions, we’ll identify and release blockages that are both contributing to your symptoms and keeping you from healing from them. Much of this energy will be subconscious (but that’s why my work is effective; it helps you uncover and heal what you haven’t been able to address yet). This will include energies such as stuck emotions, beliefs, past experiences, and emotional stress.

All sessions are by phone.


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I so wish I had an answer to this, but the real truth is that each person’s path is so unique. I know, I know … you’re tired of hearing this (I get it, trust me). Even though healing sometimes takes longer than we want, many people do notice a positive shift right away.

But here’s my experience from almost a decade of doing this work: Trying to heal too fast can actually stall you. On the other hand, when we focus on gently releasing whatever is keeping you stuck, we help you and your body heal and move forward more successfully.

The goal of releasing stuck emotional energy from your body is to release any stress from your system that’s creating blocks to your healing. Once we make a “dent” in the emotional energy that may be negatively affecting your nervous system, immune system, and more, your body can move into its full healing mode. That’s when the really cool stuff starts to happen.

I don’t require anyone to commit to a certain number of my session.

For 60-minute deep healing sessions, many clients choose to do them weekly or bi-weekly. Others will do a few sessions in a row to get some deep clearing done and then start to space them out more after that. You are welcome to start with whatever feels best to you.

For 20-minute breakthrough sessions, you can just do them as needed!

Energy therapy utilizes different techniques that help rebalance the body in relationship to thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Depending on the technique, we are either talking and tapping on certain acupoints on the body or using specific subconscious release techniques (which may be likened to hypnosis but my client is completely awake and alert!). There is no hands-on healing. In fact, I’ve been doing all my sessions over the phone since 2012. They can all be done over the phone because you can do everything by yourself. In other words, you’ll be able to tap, talk, and do all the things you need by yourself with guidance during sessions. I promise we’ll make it easy.

I use a combination of techniques I learned during my own healing journey and techniques I created during that time. You can learn more about techniques here.

I’ve gotten so many great questions over the years that I put all the most common ones on my FAQ page. You should find everything you need to know there, but if not, feel free to contact me.


My approach has been successful for people moving through all kinds of challenges, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Excessive worry, fear, sadness, guilt and anger
  • Social fears
  • Difficulty healing
  • Being highly sensitive (energetically, emotionally and physically)
  • Feeling “stuck” and unhappy
  • Diseases described as chronic or autoimmune in nature
  • Reactions to food and environment
  • Negative thinking
  • Panic attacks
  • Pretty much anything you can think of!