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Our emotions, beliefs, and reactions to stress have a huge and direct impact on our entire bodies (our immune system, nervous system, and more). I only wish I had known this sooner in my journey of healing from anxiety, autoimmune conditions, chronic Lyme disease, and other challenges. While I had tried many different treatments to heal completely; it was addressing my emotions that finally worked when nothing else did. That was the last – and maybe most important – piece of my healing. It might just be yours, too.

A great way start learning my approach is by reading How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can. In it, I share my entire approach to emotional healing and how you can use it for yourself to overcome emotional and physical challenges. 

Private Sessions

Even though I believe that you can heal yourself, I know the process can be a lot easier when you have support of someone who’s been there, by your side. 

I am working one-on-one with clients in a very limited capacity at the moment.

To start now with no wait time, please consider working with me through a combination of private sessions with me and my online healing program. The online program video lessons allow me to teach my foundational approach so that our private sessions (included in level 3 of the program) are laser focused on only what you really need me for: figuring out what’s been blocking you and understanding exactly how to release it.

For other options, please contact me.

What Can My Work Help With?

My approach has been successful for people moving through all kinds of challenges, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Excessive worry, fear, sadness, guilt and anger
  • Social fears
  • Difficulty healing
  • Being highly sensitive (energetically, emotionally and physically)
  • Feeling “stuck” and unhappy
  • Diseases described as chronic or autoimmune in nature
  • Reactions to food and environment
  • Negative thinking
  • Panic attacks
  • Pretty much anything you can think of!


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