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Work With Me

I see myself as your partner in energetic healing, but it’s still totally your gig. I want you to gain your power back and that includes making yourself the biggest piece of your healing process. With that said, I’ll back you up completely and teach you everything I know about healing. I’ll help you figure out the stuff that’s driving you crazy.  I will also probably make you laugh — a lot.

Together, we’ll use a powerful approach to eliminate emotional energies that are no longer workin’ for you. The system I’ve created will help you identify them, release them, and move on with your life. My goal is to get you in the best place possible as quickly as we can, while honoring the sometimes-slow unfolding, flowing process of healing.

A majority of the success I have working with clients really comes not only from the techniques, but also knowing and teaching them what to clear – specific emotional events, subconscious patterns and beliefs, and other blockages that prevent healing. So, if you’ve done “energy work” before and you’re frustrated with results, just know this work will be different. And when we do something different, we open ourselves up to a different outcome. Hooray!

Option 1: Work Directly With Amy

I’m currently still working with new clients through a combination of private sessions with me and my online healing program.

The online program video lessons allow me to teach my foundational approach so that our private sessions are laser focused on only what you really need me for: figuring out what’s been blocking you and exactly how to release it. In our 20-minutes pow wow sessions, I’ll use my intuition and expertise to hone in on exactly what blockages you have and give you specific instructions on how to clear them. Working together in this way (online lessons + private sessions) is an absolutely perfect – and effective – combo.

For private sessions, I can usually get you on my schedule within a week or so.

Cost: The fee for my program depends on which Level you choose – Level 3 includes sessions with me; otherwise, sessions can be purchased separately as needed. And I offer payment plans for all levels. Yay!

See program options to work directly with me.

Option 2: Work With My Assistant Practitioner

My amazing assistant practitioner is now accepting clients for her waitlist. She is fully trained by me in my exact approach and techniques – and I trust her with my own friends and family. 

All sessions are done by phone. This is super effective as my work doesn’t entail any “hands on” healing from a practitioner. During sessions, you’ll be guided through everything you need to do. Phone work is amazing because this means not only don’t you have to be self-conscious about how you look if/when you cry, but you get to stay in your pjs if you want.

Cost: All sessions are  60 minutes and $150.

Contact me to be added to the waitlist.

Note: Wondering how many sessions you’ll need? I typically find that 3-6 sessions are enough to help most people turn a corner and start feeling a lot better. But you are more than welcome to start with just one and see how it feels.

What Can My Work Help With?

My approach has been successful for people moving through all kinds of challenges, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Excessive worry, fear, sadness, guilt and anger
  • Social fears
  • Difficulty healing
  • Being highly sensitive (energetically, emotionally and physically)
  • Feeling “stuck” and unhappy
  • Diseases described as chronic or autoimmune in nature
  • Reactions to food and environment
  • Negative thinking
  • Panic attacks
  • Pretty much anything you can think of!


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