Book Clubs

book club photoDo you have a book club, support group, Facebook group or any other circle of friends that is excited about reading How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can, together?

If so, I want to visit! 




How It Works

  • Find some buddies to read with. It’s more fun that way!
  • Set a reading schedule, a few dates for pow-wows, and a place to have meetings
  • Discuss the book together using some the suggested book club questions provided at the back of the book

    You can download them here, too: Book Club Questions

  • Let me know your group is reading so I can be excited with you!


Amy’s Appearances

While I can’t zip around the country all that easily, I CAN visit you using the super cool technologies of Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangout. So if you’re interested in having me stop by your book club, let’s do it!

I suggest getting a start on the book, discussing it together at least once, agreeing on a few questions or a topic for me, and then having me visit toward the end of the meeting. I’ll hang out for a few minutes, answer questions you might have, probably giggle with you a little, and then scoot to my next session :)

Ready to book me?

Please email me at with a proposed date and time if you’d like me to stop by.

That’s all it takes to make it happen!


New to the Book Club Thing?

If you’re new, here’s a simple checklist for starting a book club:

For ordering, feel free to get your books from Amazon, B&N, Llewellyn, or your local bookstore.