Book Proposals

One section at a time.

From concept to finish line, I help non-fiction authors get their proposals done, right. No overwhelm, guaranteed.

Non-fiction is almost always sold “on proposal.” That means you get to show publishers what you plan to write, but don’t actually have to write it until you get a book deal. It’s pretty awesome.

But there’s a catch.

Your proposal, which outlines all the details of your project, has to be so insanely good that editors fall in love with it and believe that readers will, too.

The problem? Most writers can’t get there alone. They simply don’t think like business proposal writers.

This is where I come in.

With a background in publishing, business, and marketing (former marketing director for Harley-Davidson), I have a knack for seamlessly combining the necessary elements to make your work pop.

I’m honestly a total book proposal geek 🙂 

I have sold five books of my own on proposal plus have helped countless others make their book deal dreams come true, too.

Most of my clients are referred to me by literary agents who know that I know how to to things right.

“Amy is my secret sales weapon!”

“I always send authors to Amy before we hit the market.”

“Amy’s brain works in just the right way to make any project pop.”

I work closely with clients to co-create the perfect proposal.

We will do all the writing and editing together … pinging it back and forth until it’s perfect. I’ll help you carve out the best angle for the book along with the marketing plan, audience, and which chapters are best for you to write to include as your sample chapters, and so much more.

Together, we’ll pull all the pieces together in the most interesting and effective way.

We’ll work together in smart, digestible steps to not only get your proposal done; but get it done right.

How it works.


I’ll help you plan the smartest way to approach your project and break it down into simple, manageable steps.


We’ll build a proposal that highlights your unique work and proves why your book deserves to be published.


Voila. I’ll leave you with a completed and compelling proposal and the confidence to get it out there, at last.

My superpower is helping you convey the marketability of both you and your book to agents & editors—in a clear, concise, and engaging way!

The full story

Getting a book deal takes more than great writing.

Most authors make a critical mistake when writing: they focus on what they think is important instead of what editors think is important.

With five major publishing deals of my own, I’ve been right where you are now.

That’s why I have an obsessive focus on the end result — making sure you include all the right elements to create a project that will convince publishers your book deserves to be out in the world.

I’ll help make sure your proposal:

  • Is completed in 10 weeks or less
  • Is engaging from the first sentence
  • Aligns with current markets so agents and editors will love it!
  • Offers a strategic and interesting angle even if your topic isn’t new
  • Is compelling from a sales and marketing perspective

I’ll also make sure you never feel alone along the way.

Plan a book and write a proposal that sells

No overwhelm, guaranteed.

Book planning and proposals, done with you.

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