The Most Important Thing I Do Every Day: Energy Balancing Routine

Scientists have long known we could detect imbalances in the subtle energy field before it was apparent in the physical body. We could interpret this to mean that imbalances actually begin in the energy system. All of the tissues and organs in the body produce magnetic vibrations referred to by scientists as “bio-magnetic fields.” One example of this type of field is the vibration of the heart — it is so strong that it can produce an accurate EKG reading three feet away from the body. (Source: The HeartMath Solution).

During my healing process, I started doing something every day to make sure I was balancing my energy system. In my opinion, it is one of the most powerful things I did, and you can do for your health on a consistent basis. Although I have been well for over 5 years now (woohoo!), I still do it every day and am convinced it is part of what keeps me healthy.

So, What Is My Favorite Energy Balancing Secret?

If I could only do ONE thing for my health a day…..

It wouldn’t be taking supplements.

It wouldn’t be exercise.

It wouldn’t be 8 hours of sleep.

It would be balancing my energy.

One of my favorite ways to do that is using Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine. Donna is a well-known pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine. I find that people who do this routine are more easily able to clear out negative emotional patterns and are more easily able to hold new healthy ones.

About Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

Donna’s energy routine only takes about 10 minutes. It may feel like there is a lot to learn when you first start, but I promise you you’ll be doing it without thinking in no time!

This routine allows you, without knowing what’s stuck or where, to balance your energy system. I have heard pretty amazing stories of lives changed just by consistently doing this routine:

  • People lifting from sadness
  • chronic pain improving or disappearing
  • Insomnia fading away

The shift in my own health from doing just this, is one of my favorite stories!

Once the hard work of clearing out emotional energetic baggage is done, people usually ask what they can do to prevent their energy from getting stuck again. My answer: Allow emotions to flow, be true to yourself always…and do Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine.

Learn Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine Now

Here’s Donna Eden doing her basic Daily Energy Routine. It’s easy to follow along!

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