Healing Blocks: 4 Things You're Lying To Yourself ABout

Healing Blocks: 4 Things You’re Lying To Yourself About

healing blocks

healing blocksOne of the very best things we can do for our healing is to be brutally honest with ourselves. It’s only then that we can make real and profound internal changes that push us forward in our healing. However, it’s so hard to identify those lies and stop them — mostly because we’ve become very, very good at talking ourselves into them being true.

I promise though, if you consider that you’re a liar (and love yourself through it — we’re all with ya’ on this one!), it will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself. No need to beat yourself up. This is part of the process — the awareness of how you’re contributing to where you are (often subconsciously) and the practicing of doing it another way.

I tell clients exactly what I told myself during my own process of healing from chronic Lyme disease (and everything else under the sun): When your desire to feel better gets strong enough (on a deep, deep soul level), you’ll do what you need to do to get there. 

This doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it WILL be easier when you’re completely ready.

If you’re not ready yet in some way, even ways that feel shameful or that you don’t understand, that’s okay too. It will happen. Being open and aware of that will allow it to happen sooner.

Take a deep breath. You’re about to find out what you’re lying to yourself about that might be blocking your healing. And what you can do to change that.


1. Lie: I don’t know how to do it or what to do

Truth: You’re about to know.

This lie is one that comes from fear of not doing the right thing. Doing anything, just something, can change your life. A favorite Chinese Proverb says it all: Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

Pick anything. Your thoughts are very telling of what you need to work on. They’re telling you all the time in fact. Just listen and I bet it’ll take less than two minutes to figure out something you can work on.

As for the how, download my Self-healing Tool Kit (free!) and you’ll immediately be on your way. Easy. 

2. Lie: I can’t do it alone

Truth: Doing it alone is necessary. 

Hear me out on this one.

You can absolutely rally support, and you should, but doing “some” of it alone is part of what you need to be well. You need to take the responsibility fully into your arms. You need to learn that by doing this, your body breathes into a relaxed state (which turns off the “fight or flight mechanism”). You need to do more than just make weekly appointments with doctors and healers or you are missing insanely huge opportunities for healing. Practitioners can be used as guideposts, but the healing work must, must, must also happen by your own impetus, action, and desire.

3. Lie: I don’t have time

Truth: I don’t want to use my time doing this (and that’s okay if this is your current truth. Just own it and decide if you’re ready to change it).

If you have time to complain, be miserable, or even just be aware of how you’re not feeling well, you already have the time to change it. Use those moments to do something that help you heal. Watch less T.V., meditate in the shower, use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in bed before you start the day.

Consistency is so, so, so key in healing. You don’t have to spend every waking hour on your healing, but you do have to do it regularly and show your cells and the Universe that you want this — badly.

4. Lie: I don’t have enough money

Truth: You don’t need it. Or much of it. Or nearly as much as you think.

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars during my years of experiencing Lyme disease and anxiety and all that went with it. I did fundraising, had the help of family, and drained all the money I had saved, too.

And in the end, the things that truly catapulted my healing (and got me to a place of being well, for good) were either very low cost or free. It was the emotional work, the truth-telling, the soul searching, and treating my body like a body instead of an enemy that healed me down to the core. All near free of monetary investment.

Money makes life easier (for sure!), but it doesn’t necessarily make it better.

Again, when you’re really ready to tell yourself the truth about these 4 things, you’ll have already released some of the biggest healing blocks I see.

It will happen. Maybe today’s not your day and you want to watch T.V. instead (see Lie #3). That’s cool, too.

But whenever you decide with every cell in your body that you want to feel good, just know that you can do it and nothing can stop you. Seriously, I swear. 

And if you’re doing it all already, keep on going. Keep practicing. Keep having the faith.

I’m cheering for you all the way!



P.S. Need some love and structure?

My intimate and super fun group program, Amy’s Circle, is something I created just for this. It’s full of guidance, support, and classes — all that teach you how to heal and help you stay committed to the most important thing: YOU.

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A note from Amy

I was once where you are so I totally get ya’. After suffering from a myriad of challenges from general anxiety about life to Lyme disease, endometriosis and every autoimmune disease under the sun, I ended up on a search for something deeper than a “fix”. I went to many alternative practitioners – but I couldn’t relate to a single one of them. As a very grounded-in-reality person, many were just too ‘woo woo’ for me and I couldn’t integrate their guidance into my very real-life, life. Then I found myself on an adventurous path of emotional healing — using energy therapy. Talk about ‘woo woo’ right? But with it, I learned. I unfolded. I let go.
My ultimate healing, the kind that goes deep down to your core and makes you whole again, came from following this road. And yours just might too.