What you need to know about depression

A writer friend told me that you write the book you need most, and boy has it been true for me with this one.

For a lot of the last several months, I’ve felt like I was making my way through a dark tunnel and wondered how I’d get through … and what things would look like when I finally saw the other side. But here I am, still. And the other side doesn’t look the same as how I left it. Because I did in fact write the book I needed most. And I think (and so much hope) that I also wrote the book that other people need the most, too.

“Depression is the literal depression of self. It happens while you are busy not meeting your own needs. Maybe you have been living for others, living for your old traumas, or for that epic career you have tried so hard for. Maybe you can’t live for you because you are buried under the stuff of life. But the problem is all the same. The doing we do — the yoga, the meditation, the self-care — it’s not enough. There is no amount of doing that will excuse us from the requirement of the deepest, toughest, and truest self-care we seek: BEING ATTENTIVE TO OUR OWN LIVES AND NEEDS.”

How To Heal Yourself From Depression will be out in 2021 with Soundstrue Publishing.

If you have done all the doing and have corrected the things that were diagnosed as “wrong” and still aren’t feeling better, there is something else making you feel like shit. But here’s the truth – you are already just fine. And I know, when you feel like shit, you can’t imagine anything inside of you actually being right, but just try to trust me here. The problem is what you are buried under. The something on top of you is the problem. It has cut you off from yourself.

But there’s hope. And I absolutely believe you can and will be found.

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