How To Tap Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of my absolute favorite for helping resolve emotional and physical problems. If you want to know more about EFT, please visit my Therapy Techniques page to read more.

Learn EFT with Amy!

Tapping Directions:

Start: Rate the intensity of your issue on a scale of 1-10.

Step 1: 

  • Create your set-up statement.
  • Say it 3x while tapping the karate chop point (point 1 on the side of your hand).
  • “Even though I have this _____ (state the problem with details), I __________ (insert positive statement).

Example: “Even though I have this burning in my chest because I’m nervous about work, I choose to be calm”, or “I completely love and accept myself.” Any positive statement will work!

*Tip: Link your symptom to an event, person, or physical feeling.*

Step 2:

  • Tap the remainder of the points while you “vent” about the problem using whatever comes to mind at each one.

Example: Point 1 – “This horrible burning in my chest” / Point 2 – “I feel so terrified” / Point 3 – “This burning about work” / Point  4 – “This burning nervousness in my chest about work.”

Step 3:

  • Take two deep breaths.
  • Rate your issue again.
  • When your number decreases at all, start step one again and incorporate the words “still some of this” (below) into your phrases for the next sequence.

Example for set-up: “Even though I still have some of this burning in my chest from work, I know I am o.k.” 

Example for remainder of points: “This remaining burning.” “This remaining nervousness.”

Step 4:

  • When you get the relief you want, end by tapping each of the points while using some positive phrases such as “I’m o.k. now,” “I feel confident and peaceful now,” “My chest is calm now.”

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