Summer Love (Yourself) Bootcamp

Kick ass self-esteem starts with a decision that you WANT to… 

  • Let go of people-pleasing
  • Become an un-perfectionist and have fun
  • Change your patterns
  •  Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Love yourself as you are
  • Give your body a break!
  • Laugh at yourself

Why You Can’t Afford to NOT Love Yourself

Research has indicated that people who score high on tests of self-compassion have less depression and anxiety, and tend to be happier and more optimistic.

Our thoughts, words and feelings have a direct, powerful effect on our bodies.

The research of Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrates exactly what happens to water molecules – just like those that make up 70% of your body – when they are exposed to negativity.

So, Loving Yourself Isn’t for Hippies?

I always thought ‘self-love’ was just some hippy, airy fairy term that new age people used. I didn’t consider myself as one of those people who needed a lesson in it. But, I also didn’t really get what self-love was really about either. Actually, I didn’t have a clue.

Come to find out, it’s not all about white light and butterflies and being in love with every move you make all the time.

Self-love is simply the act of treating treating yourself like a human being – being able to laugh at yourself, shrug your shoulders when you mess up, give yourself a break, and realize that you’re perfectly fine, just as you are, “imperfections” and all.

Constantly beating yourself up (being too hard on yourself), and always striving to do more and be more is detrimental to your wellbeing. It makes your life a heck of a lot less fun because it causes stress. Eventually, that stress can lead to a breakdown of not only spirit, but body too.

I always say “the mind leads and the body follows.” How do we expect anything good to come from constantly treating ourselves like we suck? Exactly. We can’t.

“Loving yourself sends a strong message to your body and the Universe that you are worthy of health, happy relationships and abundance.”   – Amy B. Scher

But How Do You Learn to Love Yourself?

It’s not easy, I know. It’s because, even if just subconsciously, you tell yourself you suck, you recite old stories and you carry an old patterns that no longer serves you. That’s why I’m teaching my system for learning to love yourself – step by step. I’ve cracked the code, although it took lots of practice….and I want to share it with you!

I’ll teach you all the steps I used to help undo what got me to a place of being so freakin’ hard on myself. It’s all about releasing old energy that no longer serves you. You feel tons better, I promise.

In this 4 week online course, you’ll use energy techniques to learn:

  • How to say “f*&k it!” instead of “I’m stupid” when you make a mistake
  • Realize the world doesn’t end when you aren’t “perfect”
  • Let go of old stories and beliefs that tell you there is something wrong with you
  • Accept your body for what it does, not what it looks like
  • Believe you are good enough, simply because you are alive!
  • Discover how to become observant of yourself instead of judging
  • Learn how your self-talk dictates your feelings and how you can radically shift that
  • Release resistance to loving yourself and limiting beliefs preventing you from it
  • Detach from what other people think of you
  • Learn specific energy techniques to set a new pattern in your body
  • Answers to your questions through Q&A during each session
Week 1: Start Where You Are

The most important part of this work is making the decision to accept where you are in your process, even though you’re not quite where you want to be yet. In this module, we’ll work on stopping the comparison game – where you see everyone else’s life as better than yours. We’ll also be redefining “perfect” and releasing  fears and resistance to loving yourself (yes, you have them!).

Week 2: Goodbye Beliefs

Limiting beliefs keep us stuck in our way of thinking. In week 2, we’ll be releasing deep rooted limiting beliefs from childhood and subscribing to new beliefs that serve us in where we want our lives to be. These include not being good enough, that you don’t deserve to be happy, and more.

Week 3: Forgiving Ourselves

Part of loving ourselves is forgiving ourselves for the past – the times we didn’t do what we think we should have. That includes letting others treat us in unhealthy ways, not speaking up for ourselves and more. This can often creates patterns of negative self-talk. This lesson will focus on transforming that self talk.

Week 4: Opening Our Hearts for Love

Using the Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other techniques, we’ll be releasing negative energy stored specifically in or around our heart space. Releasing stagnant energy that’s specifically trapped in this area helps us to give and receive love more freely – including to ourselves.

Plus, you’ll get my … Love Yourself SOS Bonus Kit!

(All this, just because you rock!)
  • Louise Hay “Loving Yourself” audio download
  • Love frequency tone library – listen to high frequency tones and music that literally raises your vibration to that of love

Note: This course is not a substitute for medical care and I am not a licensed provider. I simply teach techniques to help rebalance the body’s energy system in relationship to traumatic events, limiting beliefs and emotions.

This class is now over, you can learn all these techniques and more in my

How To Heal Yourself Online Course

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