Metaphor Healing

One way I glean much of my information in order to help my clients, is to find metaphors in their emotional or physical symptoms. I believe our bodies are so intelligent; they are trying to talk to us all the time. Our bodies talk to us through symbolic messages. I almost always find the person’s symptoms match a metaphorical reason why they might be experiencing them.

For example, if I have a client with neck pain, we can often trace it back to starting when they had a fight with someone (perhaps, a “pain in their neck”); or a time in their life when they had something unexpected happen and were inflexible and unable to adapt to their new circumstances.

For people with back problems, we would explore what is making them feel “unsupported.” For someone with an autoimmune condition, I would look at emotions that make them feel “attacked” or look at how they treat themselves.

Addressing what these kinds of metaphors mean are often huge stepping stones in the healing process.