My cat, Advil, vaccines, and more

By Amy B. Scher

I recently realized that it’s been ten years now that I’ve been talking about healing — sharing my story, teaching my techniques, and connecting with this amazing community that includes YOU. I also realized that for ten years before I talked about healing, I was sick and talking about that.
“Why?” I recently asked myself. Why am I still talking so much about my “old story”?
I came up with these answers:
  • Because I care and want to help others
  • Because this is my job and it’s my job to get this information out there
  • Because I care and want to help others
But here’s what I didn’t see on my list: “I want to talk about this!”
I’ve written four books about healing. I’ve put so much information out there. I feel so good about all of this.
Still, the truth is that I sometimes feel like I’ve said all I can on this topic of healing.
This made me think about my own rule as the foundation of well-being:
“We must become (and be) who we really are in order to live our happiest, healthiest lives.” – Amy B. Scher
So who am I now?
I am no longer sick.
I am no longer healing although I suppose we always are at some level.
Yet my “story” is still so attached to these old parts of me that no longer exist. Parts that I no longer want to “live” again.
How is that serving my health? How is that energizing me? It’s probably not.
With this realization, I found a whole new layer of me — a me that has other things to say! This is exciting. Talking about new things, when I have new things to say, is part of my obligation to me … and to you.
So, I’m going to start sharing some other things with you too. In my recent podcasts (scroll down, they are all below), I went beyond my usual healing chat about techniques and energy and talked openly about other things: like my cat, Advil, vaccines, and so much more.
While I think I’ll always be talking about what I call “human-ing and healing” in some way, I want to see what happens to me — to us — when I start also talking about NEW stories … the things I’m thinking about and caring about right now.
I bet you have new stories in you, even if you’re still healing. But it’s so easy to remain in autopilot and keep churning in old patterns. 
Now I’m going to ask YOU some questions:
Have you forgotten what else you want and care about? Do you care about new things you haven’t even acknowledged? Outside of feeling better or healing.
If your answer is yes, I’d suggest asking yourself “Why?” you’re talking about the things you are. If it’s any other reason except “I want to,” I invite you on this journey with me to figure what new or current story is important to you.
I will admit I don’t even really know how to figure out what new story is in alignment with my life, except to … as I always suggest … follow the energy and follow the joy.
If you can no longer even connect with your own joy, I get that. In my new book, How To Heal Yourself From Depression When No One Else Can, I walk you through what to do when you are so lost and heavy that you are totally stuck. So if that’s where you are, connecting to your joy has to come first.
Beyond that, let’s stay open together, ok? I’m pretty excited to see what new stories we end up living and talking about.
PS. Here’s a few recent podcasts where I’ve jumped on to talk about healing but was also able to share some NEW stuff, too! It felt SO good!
  • Healing Out Loud with Jackie Shea, where I discussed my HUGE misunderstanding about being an empath, and my thoughts on Advil, vaccines and more
  • Happily Holistic with Amy Leigh Mercree (amazing medical intuitive), where we talk about we have NO IDEA what’s going on! Haha. You’ll love it. And also, I answer Amy’s question: What’s one thing you’d tell your 16-year-old self if you could send a message back in time?
  • Empowering Chats With Susan Burnell, where we talk about why we must acknowledge our physical body and the physical symptoms even while working at an emotional and energetic level (I’m am def not a fan of “it’s all just energy and nothing is real” theory)
  • The Best Ever You podcast where I talk about our bad cat, Stanley, (who I obviously LOVE to pieces) and why he’s my biggest and best spiritual teacher.

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