The secret codes to healing are that there aren’t any (sorry)

TRUTH ALERT: I keep getting emails and messages asking what I think about various programs that “reprogram” you for healing. These approaches give you codes, affirmations, practices, protocols to do each day, lists of what to “not think,” and so on. And my truth is this:

They are fine. But, and I wish this weren’t true … there are no secret codes, affirmations, or protocols that will cure you without YOU looking at HOW you got to where you are now (anxious, sick, tired, or whatever it may be).


Whatever you are struggling with is absolutely not your fault, but you did participate at some level. Perhaps it’s all the pressure you put on yourself. Maybe you have such a fear of upsetting others than you never speak your own truth. You might be like me when I had a pattern of stuffing all of my feelings deep inside. THESE are the things you need to address to heal yourself to the core. These are the things that stress your immune system, trigger your limbic system, block your energy, and deteriorate your body. And these things cannot be undone by someone giving you a code or a protocol.

If you retrain your brain or heal your nervous system using external tools, but don’t change internal patterns, you are still not addressing the root issue.

This is how I relapsed from Lyme disease even after the best of all kinds of treatment.

There’s no way to run from your work. Once you embrace it, I promise you’ll feel the peace in the process.

In my book, How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can, I wrote:

“We need to do our own work. Even while using the support of medicine or other alternatives, we cannot excuse ourselves from the biggest part of the process.” So I want everyone to know that any program you resonate with will likely be good for you.

It may benefit you greatly. But you still just can’t run from doing the work that no one else can do, but you 💜

You’ve got this.