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How We Can Work Together

I see myself as your partner in energetic healing, but it’s still totally your gig. I want you to gain your power back and that includes making yourself the biggest piece of your healing process. With that said, I’ll back you up completely and teach you everything I know about healing. I’ll help you figure out the stuff that’s driving you crazy.  I will also probably make you laugh — a lot.

Together, we’ll use a powerful approach to eliminate emotional energies that are no longer workin’ for you. The system I’ve created will help you identify them, release them, and move on with your life. My goal is to get you in the best place possible as quickly as we can, while honoring the sometimes-slow unfolding, flowing process of healing.

A majority of the success I have working with clients really comes not only from the techniques, but also knowing and teaching them what to clear – specific emotional events, subconscious patterns and beliefs, and other blockages that prevent healing. So, if you’ve done “energy work” before and you’re frustrated with results, just know this work will be different. And when we do something different, we open ourselves up to a different outcome.


2019 Update: I’m currently working with a limited number of new clients. If you are interested in working together and want to be on my wait list, please contact me here.

About my intensive sessions

I work in 30-minute intensive phone sessions to get you feeling better as soon as possible.

I’m an expert detective and intuitive at finding emotional energy from your past, beliefs, and patterns that are holding you back. I don’t need a ton of information or history to help you so don’t worry if you don’t have any idea what’s keeping you stuck.

My goal is to address things in a way you haven’t before, and from an energetic perspective (I look at things with fresh eyes so we can get new results).

Each session is tailored to your unique situation, but here’s a general idea of how we’ll work together:

  1. I’ll help you identify exactly what specific emotions, beliefs and patterns we need to clear for your healing
  2. We’ll start clearing some of the big stuff together using my energy therapy techniques, and …
  3. I’ll give you specific directions to continue in between our sessions – healing goes faster this way!
  4. You’ll leave our time together with a targeted list of “healing homework” including exactly what energy blocks to clear and how to clear them. I’ll make everything super clear and easy so you don’t have to figure things out on your own anymore.

By working together, I’ll be able to guide you through releasing those layers in a gentle yet effective way so you can move forward.

Sessions are $225.

I typically find that 3-6 sessions are enough to help most people turn a corner and start feeling a lot better. But you are more than welcome to start with just one and see how it feels.

This varies from person to person but many people begin to feel better even after their first session. Bigger shifts often happen after a few sessions of clearing some of the major energetic blocks.

I have an amazing assistant practitioner who I trained over several years. I trust her with my very own family! She offers 60-minute sessions for hands-on support and will do the deep clearing with you. This is especially useful if you’re new to my techniques and approach. Sessions with my assistant are $150.


Start Now!

I’m currently taking a limited number of new students through my online healing program – Level 3 includes sessions with me; no wait time.

Click to work with me through my online program.


My approach has been successful for people moving through all kinds of challenges, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Excessive worry, fear, sadness, guilt and anger
  • Social fears
  • Difficulty healing
  • Being highly sensitive (energetically, emotionally and physically)
  • Feeling “stuck” and unhappy
  • Diseases described as chronic or autoimmune in nature
  • Reactions to food and environment
  • Negative thinking
  • Panic attacks
  • Pretty much anything you can think of!
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