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Do You Feel Stuck? How To Move Forward

April 21, 2016

Do you feel stuck? Stagnant? Unable to move forward? This is a common feeling that often comes from emotional overwhelm. Sometimes, our bodies cannot process emotions as quickly as we are feeling them; and if we’ve suppressed them for a long time (avoided feeling them), the stuckness can take a lot longer to move through. […]


5 Ways To Spring Clean Yourself

March 21, 2016

The New Year probably inspires you to cleanse your bodies with detoxification and change unhealthy habits. Spring brings a chance to clean home windows and cars. But most people miss the most important of all cleanings – you! That’s why I’m here to share 3 easy ways to spring clean yourself. The spirit or soul aspect of us is really […]


Let’s talk – How To Heal Yourself online course Q&As

February 1, 2016

Great call – so many amazing questions! Here’s the recording of Amy’s live Q&A session on How To Heal Yourself, the 10-module online course. by


3 Ways To Instantly Calm Your Nervous System

September 24, 2015

Why You Need a Relaxed Nervous System Your nervous system is one of the greatest assets you have. An always on-edge, triggered-by-everything nervous system is sure to contribute to anxiousness, imbalanced emotions, and even severe physical symptoms. You may have heard of the fight, flight, or freeze response? Well, it’s linked to that precious nervous system of yours.   […]


Every Day Healing Tools and Practices

August 18, 2015

One of the first things to know about healing is that you need to love yourself MORE. It’s that simple.


5 Positive Healing Affirmations That Actually Work

June 23, 2015

Positive healing affirmations are successful if and when you believe them. I’m excited to share my easy way to use effective positive healing affirmations.


3 Answers to the “Why Me?” Question That’ll Soothe Your Soul

January 30, 2015

Oh it’s not easy, I know. Trying to figure it all out and still keep the faith that it’ll all be okay. I went through this myself for 8+ years so I completely get it. I must have asked myself a million times that looming question: Why me? But I found the answers eventually.


Self-Healing: How to Take Your Power Back for $2

January 7, 2015

Do you feel totally out of control? Like everything is happening to you and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. Feeling helpless is a serious threat to the immune system — and so many of us who are moving through health or emotional journeys can tend to feel like there’s little we […]


Healing Blocks: 4 Things You’re Lying To Yourself About

November 5, 2014

One of the very best things we can do for our healing is to be brutally honest with ourselves. It’s only then that we can make real and profound internal changes that push us forward in our healing. However, it’s so hard to identify those lies and stop them — mostly because we’ve become very, very […]


Information Overload: How To Deal With Too Many Treatment Choices

October 27, 2014

Illness is always full of dilemmas – what should I do now? What is the right thing for me? When is it the right time to change course? Which thing do I need to chase now? That’s why I never share posts or articles or any information about illness itself. I always share about healing. […]


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