Praise for How To Heal Yourself - Energy Therapy for Emotional Healing


Berniecircle“Amy has seen the truth and can be a coach to all those who seek healing and authenticity. The wounds of the past can be abandoned and a life and body one loves can be created. When this state of inner peace is achieved your body gets the message and self-induced healing can occur. The potential resides in all of us so read on, do not fear failure and fulfill your potential while living an authentic life that you create and not one imposed by others.” – BERNIE SIEGEL, MD bestselling author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, and The Art of Healing 





 “Amy Scher has penned a remarkable book about the pivotal role of the body, mind and spirit in attaining true and complete healing.There is much wisdom in this book, written with exceptional clarity, love and wisdom.” SANJIV CHOPRA, MD, MACP, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, motivational speaker and author of Brotherhood with Deepak Chopra




“I have been blPamcircleessed to cross paths with Amy Scher on several occasions over the past few years. She’s an inspiration, not just because she teaches us how to take healing into our own hands, but because she’s living proof that it works. Amy has found that perfect balance between fully embracing a healing journey while also handing it over to the bigger thing. Thank you, Amy, for being a light in my life and in the life of so many others.”– PAM GROUT, #1 New York Time bestselling author of E-Squared, E-Cubed and 15 other books






“In How to Heal Yourself, Amy Scher takes you on a guided journey to resolve emotional, physical and energetic blockages that get in the way of true healing. You will feel like you have a loving expert coach by your side along the way.” HEATHER DANE, co-author with Louise Hay, Loving Yourself to Great Health




LUMINITA D. SAVIUC“Amy’s story is awe inspiring. Her book, How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can, is full of wisdom and easy to implement techniques that have the power to help anyone reconnect their mind with their body and their heart with their soul and heal their entire lives. A really beautiful read. Thank you Amy for sharing your story with all of us and for shining your light so bright. You make it easier for all of us to do the same.” LUMINITA D. SAVIUC, Founder of and author of 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy




Saracircle“Amy Scher is a voice of calm, reassuring wisdom. Her own triumph over illness is truly inspirational, but what really puts Amy in an inspirational category of her own is her warm, kind, down-to-earth, truly accessible approach … This book is a must-read for all who are dealing with health challenges, but also for everyone who wants to shed old blockages and free themselves to experience their very best health and live their fullest, most authentic lives.” —SARA DIVELLO, bestselling author of Where in the OM Am I?






“Amy Scher’s How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can is a comprehensive and user-friendly DIY manifesto that’s the real deal. Amy guides readers toward authentic self-healing in a way that’s easily accessible, honest, and relevant for today.” —CHRIS GROSSO, author of Indie Spiritualist and Everything Mind





“Amy is a courageous pioneer in the field of mind-body-spirit healing. She has created a practical, compassionate, and intelligent book that empowers you to heal and improve your health. With proven, easy- to-follow techniques, you will gain insight into the root cause of pain, physical dysfunction, and illness and transform your health…This book illuminates the path to wellness.” —SHERRIE DILLARD, author of Develop Your Medical Intuition





“In this refreshingly honest and approachable book, Amy Scher offers practical tools and step-by-step guidance to help you ‘hear’ what your body is trying to tell you, clear unprocessed emotional baggage, and enhance your intuitive abilities. This is a how-to guide for anyone seeking a deeper, more peaceful connection with their body, mind, and spirit—and a happier life.” —JORDAN BACH, life coach and founder of




keithcircle“An inspirational story of one woman’s quest to overcome a life- threatening disease. Ms. Scher proves once again that self-knowledge and the courage to be one’s self are the foundation of healing and good health…This is a must-read for anyone ready and willing to heal themselves on the levels of body, soul, and spirit.” —KEITH SHERWOOD, author of Energy Healing for Women