How Limiting Beliefs Could Be Keeping You Sick & Stuck

Awhile back, ago we talked about what many professionals refer to as “psychological reversals” in the form of an upside to your illness. “Psychological reversals” was a term coined by psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan who discovered Thought Field Therapy. These reversals occur when one part of us wants to change (the conscious part of us) but the other part does not want to change (either energetic or subconscious). It’s simply, a form of resistance. No matter what the reversal is from, energy therapy has been shown to be really effective at clearing these blocks to progress.

From the last post, we understand how having an upside to your illness, or wanting to keep it at some level.

Now we’re going to talk about the second type of psychological reversal I see most: Harmful Beliefs.

These come up even if you don’t have a physical condition, too. Harmful beliefs can be a big and important factor in a life pattern or emotional problem you can’t overcome.  Some examples would be overeating, being addicted to working, or having a pattern of depression.

Limiting, Harmful Beliefs: Stories you believe like “I don’t deserve to heal,” “I can’t heal,” or “I’m not ready to heal.”

In my experience, those of us that manifest chronic illness or can’t overcome emotional challenges, do it in part as a protection mechanism (subconsciously, of course). Often illness comes after a trauma or upsetting event; or even more often, after we’ve been living in a way that’s not true to who we are. This would include being in a relationship we know is not healthy, not being our true self because it will threaten someone else, or doing a job we feel is unethical or not in line with our true selves. We can manifest excessive worry to keep us safe and alert so we can never be caught off guard in a relationship again, we can manifest pain as a punishment to ourselves when we feel guilty about something we have done, and the list goes on.

Even if we’ve made changes to get out of situations that contributed to the breakdown of our bodies in the first place, we still need to clear the harmful beliefs we have about the ability or safety of healing, now. Beliefs are deeply engrained stories. Our bodies and brains need to be updated to know it’s safe, possible and ok for us to be well now.

Examples of limiting beliefs are:

  • “There is no cure for what I have so I can’t get well.”
  • “I always have to have something bad going on in my life and this is it.”
  • “I don’t deserve to get well.”
  • “If I get well, I’ll be vulnerable and I can’t handle that.”
  • “I’ll just fail if I try another treatment.”

We create our realities with our belief system. Just look at your life and see if whatever you believe matches exactly where you are now. Now, isn’t it worth seeing what happens if you shift those beliefs?

Energy therapy techniques are effective at helping us release these negative beliefs. Can you imagine the difference in your healing if you find out you were scared to get better, and then cleared that?

Yep yep, it’s possible, even if your brain is trying to protect you right now by telling you it’s not 🙂

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