The hidden upside to your illness

Have you tried everything to get better? Is nothing working? Do you sometimes start to get better and then suddenly have a flare or attack of your symptoms?

If this is you, there is a good chance your subconscious is trying to stop you from getting over whatever your problem is. Yep, that’s right! Simply put, you could be blocking not only your treatment efforts, but your own healing altogether. This happens because your subconscious is so smart, it is actually trying to protect you from something it thinks is worse than whatever you’re going through. The key is doing work to find out what that is. Energy therapy has been shown to be really effective at clearing these blocks.

There are two major reasons I see for these emotional blocks, often called “psychological reversals.” The term “psychological reversals” was coined by psychologist Roger Callahan, who discovered Thought Field Therapy.

Today we’re going to cover the first type of subconscious resistance.

There is some upside or benefit to keeping your problem.

I see this over and over again and I believe it’s one of the biggest blocks to getting well (from anything, emotional or physical). I know you are shaking your head “no” right now just as I did when this was suggested to me many years ago when I was sick. But, now….well, hindsight is 20/20.

Often we can find some of these without tapping in to our subconscious minds at all. If we can be really truthful with ourselves, we can sometimes figure out what the benefit of our problems are.

Examples of this are:

  • “If I get over this, it might affect someone else negatively and I don’t want that.”
    (This could be a caretaker, other friends who are chronically ill whose life would change if you got healthy.)
  • “If I get over this, I’ll have to support myself financially and I don’t know how.”
  • “If I get over this, I’ll be letting someone off the hook who did something bad to me. Having to see me sick is their punishment.”

There are too many to name here, but if you believe any of these types of statements (even if not consciously), your brain will try to so hard to protect you, that it will keep you from getting over your problem and realizing your fears.

Everyone has an upside to their problem so if you can admit you might have one, you’re already halfway to solving it.

See my follow-up article on the second psychological reversal and all the sneaky ways it can affect you. After that, you’ll be well on  your way to understanding why maybe nothing’s working so you can do something to change that. Right? Right.

To release these blocks, see the directions in my book, How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can. I have lots of videos on YouTube too.

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