Energy therapy for relationship issues

Relationship Issues


I had great success with Amy using the Emotion Code and EFT.  Amy figured out a particular block I had with my father that had resulted in me carrying around resentment for him that was affecting our relationship  Once she identified the issue, she was able to clear the emotion and the resentment disappeared.  I was amazed at how powerful these tools are, and how quickly the results follow.  I am now enjoying the friendship with my father that I had always wanted, and never thought was possible. – Kelly, Los Angeles, CA


I came to energy therapy as a bit of a skeptic but Amy Scher has me completely converted.  She avoids the stereotypical image you might have of an energy practitioner. She’s extremely down-to-earth, very ‘real’ and in my opinion, one of a kind when it comes to this kind of therapy.

I had been involved in a very long and emotionally draining legal battle with an abusive family member and when the date had been set for mediation I knew I had to find a way to prepare myself for the day. Amy worked with me using EFT and The Emotion Code to quickly find and remove many negative and damaging emotions that I had about this family member; and I was able to release many of the issues I’d been carrying since my teens. The mediation was a success, much of which I credit to Amy. She made me feel in control of the situation (and the family member) instead of how I would usually feel, which is intimidated and obliged to give in to their demands.

In short, Amy gave me my power back and she made it easy. I am extremely grateful for her help and would highly recommend working with for overcoming any traumatic events in your past that are affecting your life today. – Anne, Los Angeles, CA


Prior to seeing Amy and since the break-up, I always got mopey driving — that pain in my chest. Driving home last Monday night, I was fine. Never even thought of her. I slept well that night, but did wake up thinking of her and lamenting. I did the tapping in bed then again in the shower and I was past it. I felt really good, and have continued to do so. Done the tapping now and again if I start feeling badly, but overall I’m doing really well. Not having the physical pain really helps give me room to sort through the mental issues. – Jack, Santa Barbara, CA


I constantly flew off the handle before working with Amy. Being in my marriage was miserable because I was triggered by everything my husband did. Amy helped me to release the past emotions that were causing me to have this gut reaction every time I felt unsafe or disagreed in my marriage. Not only do I feel so much better, but my husband noticed this shift even after my first session. – Dena, Miami, FLA

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A note from Amy

I was once where you are so I totally get ya’. After suffering from a myriad of challenges from general anxiety about life to Lyme disease, endometriosis and every autoimmune disease under the sun, I ended up on a search for something deeper than a “fix”. I went to many alternative practitioners – but I couldn’t relate to a single one of them. As a very grounded-in-reality person, many were just too ‘woo woo’ for me and I couldn’t integrate their guidance into my very real-life, life. Then I found myself on an adventurous path of emotional healing — using energy therapy. Talk about ‘woo woo’ right? But with it, I learned. I unfolded. I let go.
My ultimate healing, the kind that goes deep down to your core and makes you whole again, came from following this road. And yours just might too.