Self Muscle Testing: The Sway Test or Standing Test

There are many ways to self muscle-test or get answers from your subconscious mind to find out what impact something is having on your energy system — either positive or negative. Just like plants and trees, your body will naturally be drawn to the positive or the truth, while naturally repel itself away from something that doesn’t feel good to it.

The sway test, which is the easiest one to learn on your own at home, suggests that your thoughts and emotions produce a certain response in your nervous system, affecting your motor response (movement of your body).

If you have trouble standing, this can be done in a chair.

As easy as 1-2-3!

1. Stand or sit up straight with your feet pointing directly forward. Ensure both feet are directly forward and neither are slightly turned either in or out. Relax your body with your hands down at your sides.

2. To make sure your energy is running in a forward direction, which will help ensure an accurate result, tap your thymus gland, which is under your breast bone in your chest — about an inch below the notch in your neck where you’d tie a tie. Simply tap there for about 30 seconds. You don’t need to be perfectly over the spot as the percussion effect of the tapping will do the work.

Now you are ready to perform an accuracy check: To make sure you are getting an accurate response, first make a statement or hold a thought in your head you know to be true like “My name is Sue Smith” (but use your name of course). Then state something like “My name is Bob White” (something that is not your name).

Sense the response of your body for each — you should either feel yourself being gently pulled forward for a “yes” response, or repelled back signaling it’s not true or your body is not in resonance with that, which would be a “no” response.

3. Now you can begin asking questions using the sway test.

Some examples of the way you might ask questions related to your emotions would be:

  • Am I feeling agitated because of a work situation?
    If you get a yes, then you can continue asking specific questions like, “Is this something someone said to me?” “Is this something someone did to me?”
  • Am I feeling agitated because of something X person said?
  • Would it be beneficial for me to talk X person to get some clarity on this issue?
  • Would it be beneficial for me to use an energy therapy technique to clear my negative emotions related to X person?

That’s it! Next time you aren’t sure why you’re in that funk you are, try this and see if you can get clear answers by using this technique.

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