3 Ways To Spring Clean Yourself

5 Ways To Spring Clean Yourself

Spring clean yourselfThe New Year probably inspires you to cleanse your bodies with detoxification and change unhealthy habits. Spring brings a chance to clean home windows and cars. But most people miss the most important of all cleanings – you! That’s why I’m here to share 3 easy ways to spring clean yourself.

The spirit or soul aspect of us is really the essence of who we are, how we love and why we live. It contains our passions, energy, and drive to be bigger, better people on this earth. Our spiritual side is what either makes our life flow flawlessly (ok, maybe not all the time but enough of it) or feel stagnant and dingy. It’s both easy and convenient to skip looking at this aspect of ourselves, but the importance can’t be ignored. When we spring clean ourselves, we feel better both emotionally and physically.

What happens when we become burdened with past hurts and fatigue that generally accompanies life? We become overwhelmed and forget to nurture that ultra-meaningful part of us.

Some tips for spring spring cleaning yourself:

1. Look Around Your House First

Clean up all the post it notes about bills, stressful reminders and put them all in one book. The “stuff” of life that overwhelms us often triggers something deeper – feeling unsafe, unsupported, and more. So when it’s all housed in one place like a binder or bulletin board, it gives us the feeling that it’s more contained and not infiltrated in every part of our lives. Reducing stress in this way often makes you feel more connected to that grounded, centered part of your being; the part that leads with intuition and holds creative capacity to bring your desires to fruition. 

2. Decide What Behaviors No Longer Serve You

We easily become so weighed down by self-defeating and sabotaging behaviors. These can include negative self-talk, not having compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, setting higher-than-reasonable expectations of ourselves and more. Take an honest look at your life and decide which behaviors you practice that don’t serve you. How is the behavior either helping you grow or hindering you from growing? Become conscious of them and practice healthy patterns to replace them with. When you spring clean yourself in this way, old behaviors can become a thing of the past.

You may have some harmful beliefs fueling these behaviors. For example, if you’re too hard on yourself, you may have a belief like “I have to be perfect to be loved.” I talk a lot about beliefs in How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can. This is an issue for almost all of my clients. The process of clearing them is simple, but extremely affected. In the book, there are many lists of beliefs and specific instructions on how to clear them.

3. Release Fear

Clearing fear is a great way to spring clean yourself. Fear is something that inhibits us in so many ways—preventing us from connecting fully with loved ones, makes us hesitant to follow our dreams, and negatively affects our physical bodies. One of my favorite tricks is to tap on acupressure points on the body to help release this energy. I often use a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), but there is a shortcut I suggest for those who aren’t familiar with it. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.28.03 PM
Find a spot about halfway down the top of your hand, in the groove between the pinky and ring finger. Simply use three or four fingers of your other hand and tap or rub that spot. Use it along with deep breaths when you can’t calm down. You are tapping a specific point on one of your meridians (also known as energy pathways) in the body. This one is responsible for your “fight or flight pattern,” one most of us go into far too often when we’re fearful.

4. Let the Earth Help You Cleanse

And no, I don’t mean eating more foods from the earth (phew, you’re safe). The earth’s energy has many benefits, including helping regulate hormones in the body and keeping you “grounded,” which often helps you feel more calm and confident. Simply make an effort to physically connect with the earth more often. This is a natural and feel-good way to spring clean yourself. The best way to reap the benefits of the earth’s healing properties is to go barefoot on the sand, dirt or grass as often as possible. You can even announce out loud “I’m allowing the earth to help me cleanse my energy now.”

5. Clear Your Energy Field

I always think of the space right around your body as a space suit. Many refer to this as the aura. Our auras are like magnets picking up energies that are floating around our environment. While most people cannot see the aura, it is still an important part of how we feel. We need to clear this energy regularly. You might feel crazy doing it, but you’ll feel better too.

-Using your fingertips, brush through the space surrounding your body from head to toe. Rinse your hands under cold water after to clear them of any negative energy

-Soak in a salt bath. You can use sea salt or Epsom salt

-Shake your arms off outside and imagine particles of yucky energy falling off of you

Make these simple tips part of your routine and you’ll feel lighter in every way. They aren’t time consuming and they’re all free. You can do them every day or every week. No need to wait til spring springs! Ah, now doesn’t that already feel better than clean windows in your living room?


photo credit: Blossoming branch via photopin (license)

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A note from Amy

I was once where you are so I totally get ya’. After suffering from a myriad of challenges from general anxiety about life to Lyme disease, endometriosis and every autoimmune disease under the sun, I ended up on a search for something deeper than a “fix”. I went to many alternative practitioners – but I couldn’t relate to a single one of them. As a very grounded-in-reality person, many were just too ‘woo woo’ for me and I couldn’t integrate their guidance into my very real-life, life. Then I found myself on an adventurous path of emotional healing — using energy therapy. Talk about ‘woo woo’ right? But with it, I learned. I unfolded. I let go.
My ultimate healing, the kind that goes deep down to your core and makes you whole again, came from following this road. And yours just might too.