The 3 stages of writing (and my tips for new writers)

Three stages of writing?

1) All is going fine.

2) I hate this arggg.

3) Thinking it’s fun again (probably only momentarily though).

It really is the best job in the world (minus stage 2).
I’m currently working on a co-authored book with @markjasonwilliams for National Geographic plus finishing my YA novel.
Before that, I published my HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF WHEN NO ONE ELSE CAN series with tools and techniques to release emotional baggage (with @llewellynbooks and @soundstrue ) and THIS IS HOW I SAVE MY LIFE about healing from #chroniclymedisease (with @gallerybooks).
I dreamed of being a writer since I was little. I never went to college and have no formal training in writing. But like many things, if you keep at it, you can figure it out.
My tips for new writers:

– Sit down and write for 5-15 minutes a day. Habit comes before you make any kind of art in most cases. Aka your work might suck but it’s better on the page than in your heart. A good editor can help you fix anything later but it has to be there to fix first.

– Repeat above. The only way I’ve ever finished a book is by actually sitting down to write it. And trust me, I’ve tried to find a workaround. No luck yet but I’ll report back if I do.

– Oh! And read a lot of whatever type of book you want to write. Reading is better than obsessively studying structure, craft, and more. You’ll be inspired, get ideas on how to set up your book, and understand what makes a book hard to put down. Plus, you’ll be reminded if other authors can do it, you can too.
Thanks to @tatianascherphotography for capturing the moments.

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