What I Wish I Knew Then (Healing from Chronic Lyme Disease and more)

What I Wish I Knew Then (About Healing from Chronic Lyme Disease and more)

healing lyme disease and chronic conditions


Notes from the trenches

When I was asked to do a book signing and talk for This Is How I Save My Life in Carmel Valley, CA, I couldn’t decide what I should say (so many options!). I finally decided it would be most helpful, along with telling a bit about my story, to tell people what I wish I knew then…..oh if only….

So many people were unable to make it to the live talk, so this morning I quickly recorded a Cliff Notes version along with a PDF of some of the important things to remember :)

 Before you read and listen, hold one of my favorite quotes close to your heart.

When you know better you do better.” – Maya Angelou


Listen to the audio: Amy B. Scher, Healing What I Wish I Knew’s

Download the PDF: What I Wish I Knew’s…

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A note from Amy

I was once where you are so I totally get ya’. After suffering from a myriad of challenges from general anxiety about life to Lyme disease, endometriosis and every autoimmune disease under the sun, I ended up on a search for something deeper than a “fix”. I went to many alternative practitioners – but I couldn’t relate to a single one of them. As a very grounded-in-reality person, many were just too ‘woo woo’ for me and I couldn’t integrate their guidance into my very real-life, life. Then I found myself on an adventurous path of emotional healing — using energy therapy. Talk about ‘woo woo’ right? But with it, I learned. I unfolded. I let go.
My ultimate healing, the kind that goes deep down to your core and makes you whole again, came from following this road. And yours just might too.