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A note from Amy 

Since 2012 when I began  working with clients full-time, I’ve done my best to keep up with the growing demand for my time. It’s been so fulfilling to see how many people now understand the importance of emotional healing for their overall wellbeing. But I’ve officially stepped away from 1-1 work in order to pursue more of my writing dreams.

Enter Ginger Nelson (the person I trust with my own family) …

Ginger’s intuition, skill, and ability to seamlessly use my healing protocols, along with her desire and ability to help others, is exactly why I asked Ginger to train as my first ever practitioner several years ago.

I’m so delighted to have someone that helps clients using my signature approach and techniques. She is so good at what she does that I trust her in working with my own friends and family (now that’s a stamp of approval, right?). I know you will love her just as we all do.


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“Ginger has a natural brilliance with this work. She is a master at using her own intuition, along with my healing approach, to identify and clear even the toughest blocks to healing.” ~ Amy B. Scher

With her own history of challenges with Lyme disease, gut issues, fatigue, joint pain, and more – Ginger got an unintended crash course in the strange underworld that is chronic illness. Not quite the masters degree program she had planned on, but a long and winding journey that created a more eclectic and powerful curriculum than she could ever imagine.

When Ginger started working with Amy as a client in 2013, she never imagined one day she would train intensively under Amy and become her only certified practitioner! But because of her own journey, and through her private sessions with Amy, she was able to gain a deep understanding of the healing process, particularly the effects of emotional baggage and how addressing it can help us heal.

Amy’s lighthearted approach to energy work and healing was a revelation for Ginger, helping her realize she could take healing into her own hands rather than rely on multiple practitioners. And, that sometimes you just need a guide to help get the ball rolling and remind yourself what you are capable of doing.

Ginger, now Amy’s right-hand practitioner, has had extensive training and many years under her belt using Amy’s approach (over 1,000 sessions). She’s honored to be a guide for people ready to commit to their deep healing … but who need some support along the way from someone who truly “gets it.”

What Clients Are Saying

I can confidently give Ginger 5+ stars. She is very professional, thoughtful and kind. She has an intuitive laser sharp ability to focus in on the “issue” and incorporates Amy‘s techniques seamlessly during each session.” ~ Carol

When I first started working with Ginger, I was in a near-panic state about my health, emotionally and physically. After just a few sessions with her, I have noticed major shifting in my levels of self awareness, as well as my sense of inner security and safety. I feel more at peace with life. I feel hopeful about the future. I feel more confident in my body’s ability to transform into the healthy person I’m meant to be. ~ Elisa

I love working with Ginger and am so grateful to have found her! She has a sharp intuitive sense and is able to pinpoint and help me release energetic blocks that I never would have uncovered myself. Beyond her skills and expertise, Ginger is an empathetic person who emanates good energy; I feel good and comfortable even just talking with her. ~ U.L.

“Ginger is an extremely intuitive, deeply compassionate, and lovingly gifted Energy Healer who is able instantaneously to zero in on the heart of things.  It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure for me, an Energy Healer myself, to have experienced her magic firsthand.  Her reputation as an extraordinary healer had preceded her – and she did not disappoint.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!” ~ Angela 

“I reached out to Amy out of desperation, hoping she could help us find a path forward thru some very dark times with our son. She answered my email, for which I was so grateful , and suggested I work with her assistant, Ginger, since I was new to tapping. Things look much brighter for my son and our family, and I know a huge part of that healing is because of Ginger’s skills and gifts.” ~ J.G.

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Ginger’s experience comes from over a thousand sessions helping clients just like you to: identify energy blockages through intuition and muscle testing, use Amy’s techniques to address energetic/emotional layers, work through clearing energy with you in real time, bring a professional perspective to your situation to help you get unstuck; and give you specific homework to do in between sessions so you can feel better faster.

$150.00/session (60 minutes by phone)

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