Energy Therapy

About Energy Therapy

The general term for how I healed myself (and how I now helps others) is called energy therapy or energy healing, but the more specific type of practice I use is called energy psychology: a group of techniques that address the relationship between the energy system and emotions, thoughts, and behavior.

Here’s how it works.

Energy therapy is a set of techniques that are often used in mind-body-spirit healing.

Energy therapy is an approach that focuses on rebalancing the energy system of the body, affecting overall wellbeing. While it may seem that we are physical beings, we are actually a complex network of energies. This energy system is the basis of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, as well as many other ancient healing modalities.

This energy system is at the core of how our brain functions, how our muscles and nerves receive messages from the brain, and more. You may be familiar with the concept of energy in the body because of the use of EEGs (measuring brain waves), EKGs (measuring the electrical activity of the heart) and other diagnostic medical tools.

When our energies are being disrupted, flow irregularly, or become sluggish and blocked, we can begin to experience both physical and emotional symptoms. This can include pain, fear, excessive worry, allergies, the inability to heal or recover from injury, and many other issues.

Energy therapy helps to re-balance these energies and instigate the body’s powerful self healing ability.

Pretty cool, right?

Energy therapy often works when nothing else has, to:

  • Helps you releases grief, trauma, fear and more
  • Clears old beliefs, patterns and emotions
  • Trigger the body’s natural healing ability
  • Releases subconscious blocks

Accessing and balancing your body’s subtle energies can make a huge difference in your life. While energy therapies are definitely not a new concept (Chinese Medicine is based on the body’s energy system), they are finally gaining well-deserved attention.

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Why Use Energy Therapy?

Many people don’t know where to start, and even if they do, they have no idea HOW to start resolving their emotional “stuff.” Energy therapy helps release it from your body so you can start to come back into balance. Energy therapy works on a totally different level than simply talking about our emotional challenges; it actually balances the body in relationship to them so we can move on. This means that we are actually discharging the emotional energy and not just finding ways to live with it.

  • If you have things in your life that cause a negative “charge” when you think about them, talk about them or feel them, it is causing an imbalance or stress in the energy system. These disruptions are most likely affecting you on a bigger level, interfering with your health and happiness. The good news is that these imbalances can be repaired. Woohoo!
  • If you have physical issues and treating the physical body alone doesn’t resolve it, then consider the physical body alone might not have caused it. A multi-faceted approach that involves physical, emotional and spiritual healing is in my opinion, the best way to heal completely and permanently.


Working with the energy system often works with nothing else has. It was my own last “hurrah” and a game-changer for me emotionally and physically. It could be just as awesome for you, too.

If you resonate with energy therapy, I’d love for you to learn about the techniques I use.

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