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From private short workshops to weekend retreats, Amy’s own inspirational story, accessible teaching style, and down-to-earth approach to story telling has been well received by a variety of audiences including the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University, Manhattan’s JCC (Jewish Community Center), New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York Open Center, The New School university, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and more.

Amy’s signature energy therapy approach is valuable for adults, teens, and kids; and is endorsed by physicians and medical organizations as an important part of an integrated healing plan.

Amy has been featured in CNN, The Huffington Post, CBS, The Washington Post, Daily News, Cosmopolitan, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Curve Magazine, and more. She was also named one of Advocate’s “40 Under 40” and understands the unique challenges of the LGBTQ community.

She lives in NYC with her beautiful wife and bad cat. Most importantly, she lives by her self-created motto: When life kicks your ass, kick-back.

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Speaking & Teaching

Workshops and speaking (healing)

For private groups, Amy teaches on her signature mind-body healing approach and is happy to create a workshop or retreat based on individual needs. She is comfortable being on stage in front of the crowd or on the floor hanging out with the crowd. Whether it’s an intimate healing weekend or a couple of hours spent with a large group, Amy’s warm and engaging personality will captivate, entertain and educate your audience. You can download her speaker’s sheet with popular topics below.

Workshops and speaking (writing)

With no college degree or formal writing education, Amy is proof that anyone can be a successful writer. With over a decade of experience helping people become their happiest, healthiest, and most creative selves, my work is highly recommended by artists, literary agents, editors, and other creative industry professionals. Her most popular workshop topics for writing are: releasing creative blocks, crafting your first draft (book writing), and how to turn your business into a book (great for those in healing and wellness).

Wellness training for organizations

Amy works closely with companies and non-profit organizations to teach her techniques for self-care, gentle emotional release, stress relief, and prevention of burnout. Balancing our bodies and emotions throughout the day leads to healthier staff, better workplace relationships, and greater employee happiness. Amy often works one-on-one with CEOs, CFOs, and other team leads to create a more positive and harmonious work environment.

Support for medical facilities (staff and patients)

For medical organizations – Amy trains staff on preventing secondary trauma. In addition she teaches physicians and staff how to integrate her simple self-healing tools with patients during appointments. Through her trainings, she’s discovered that giving effective self-help tools to patients can eliminate many “emergency” panicked calls to the office, especially around fear and anxiety about new protocols (which can be counterintuitive to treatment).  While busy physicians and staff can’t be expected to focus on addressing the emotional component of illness in its entirety (that is a speciality of its own), it can be hugely helpful for staff to know some simple protocols.

For patients – Amy is often hired by medical organizations to lead series of group patient sessions in order to support emotional and physical healing. This typically includes an introduction session followed by 3-6 shorter sessions using self-application techniques to release stress in medical environments, enhance self-care, and offer valuable tools that patients can use on their own at home.

To contact Amy about speaking opportunities, please email


LiveAware Expo

LiveAware Expo: Feeling Safe: How to release Emotional and Physical Toxins for Optimal Wellbeing

Watch the full video here.

Note: While Amy selects a few public speaking events each year, most of her speaking and training takes place in private setting. Due to the sensitive nature of her work, and for the protection and privacy of all participants, she does not permit recording or streaming of events for public sharing purposes or as use for examples. For organizations interested in knowing more about Amy’s teaching style and tailored speaking options, Amy is delighted to answer any questions and provide references.

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