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Monthly Energy Therapy Class

August Class TBA Soon

Join my group class and I’ll guide you through my signature techniques—EFT tapping, The Sweep, and more—to help you clear blockages by releasing stuck emotions, subconscious beliefs, and energy holding you back.

Recording included.

Book Events for Out In The World (In-Person)

Various 2024 Dates

Join authors Amy B. Scher and Mark Jason Williams to celebrate their new book, Out In The World (National Geographic)

August 20th: Zibby Bookshop, Santa Monica.

A Book Proposal Coach’s Secrets To Selling Your Non-Fiction Book

July 29th at 7pm ET

In this 90-minute class, Amy B. Scher will show you how she successfully sold 5 of her own books and helped countless other authors do the same. Using guided prompts, formulas, and exercises, you’ll  do some of the actual writing during class and leave with confidence to finish strong.


Start healing now with my 3 most popular pre-recorded classes.

Release Beliefs & Blocks

In this 4-session series (a total of two hours), Amy will guide you through releasing the most common hidden blocks and beliefs in any area of your life so you can move forward with more ease.

Fear Clearing Session

In this 90-minute class, Amy guides you through her powerful emotional clearing techniques (The Sweep, tapping, Thymus Test & Tap) to help you clear fear and shift into a calmer, more centered state of being.

Heal Your Nervous System

In this 90-minute class, use  powerful emotional clearing techniques to release stuck emotions and energy from your nervous system to help you feel better and heal faster.


My popular programs will help you get to the next level of your journey. 

How To Heal Yourself Course

A go-at-your-own-pace deep dive into my comprehensive healing approach. Join me for 10 online lessons using my signature energy therapy techniques to help you release stuck emotions, heal past experiences, clear subconscious beliefs holding you back, and more.

Craft Your Draft for Writers

Break through your blocks and write your book in as little as 5-15 minutes a day. Using my signature energy therapy techniques plus writing tools, personal feedback, Q&A, and time hacks, I’ll help you finally find your creative flow and finish your project with ease and fun.

Business Genius Joy

This online program will show you step-by-step how I built a thriving and fulfilling business. In this live, 5-week Zoom course, use my signature techniques to release blocks plus learn simple principles to build a thriving business that feels like YOU—all while helping others. 

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