While I’ve been featured in a lot of of cool publications and podcasts, here’s a few favorites.


Books To Add To The Stack featured Amy’s Memoir (Good Morning America)

An interview with Book Pipeline after winning 1st place in their Adaptation Contest

6 Fun, Funky, and Important Queer Bookstores to Shop Your Reading List (Thrillist)

How To Write The Truth (Pipeline Artists)

Keep Showing Up: Q&A (Los Angeles Review of Books)

This Is How I Save My Life book excerpt (CBS)

Video: Advice For Writers (Australia’s Ticker News)

Writers Tell of Faith Lost and Found (Publisher’s Weekly)

Bestselling Author Amy B Scher Releases Memoir (Times Of India)

Podcast: Zibby Owens’ Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books where Amy talks about her memoir and offers advice to writers

Breaking The Rules: A Conversation (The Rumpus)

6 Fun and Funky Queer Bookstores (Thrillist)

Mental Health & Wellness

A chat about chronic illness, setting boundaries, grief, fear, and acceptance (AfterEllen Podcast)

Healing Yourself (Dr. Amy Robbin’s podcast)

Lyme Disease and Other Tricky Tick Diseases (The Telegraph)

I Was Wrong About Coronavirus And I Admit It (New York Daily News)

Video: The Bo & Luke Show for Mental Health Awareness Month

Healing Can’t Happen In a Bubble of Fear (LymeDisease.org)

How To Set A Meaningful Intention For The New year (Refinery 29)

This Is How I Save My Life (Yoga Journal)

She Was Ill For Years, Now She’s A Health Guru (Jewish Chronicle)

Podcast: Insights From The Edge with Tami Simon where Amy talks about healing depression

The episode described as a “very good hug” (Spiritual Asshole)


My Mom Traveled To India To Save My Life. This Is How I Thanked Her (The Washington Post)

LGBTQIA-Friendly Getaways To Start Your New Year Right (Thrillist)

6 Queer-Owned B&Bs Worth Visiting (Thrillist)