I’m lucky to have my work featured in great publications. Here’s just a few favorites.


Books To Add To The Stack featured Amy’s Memoir (Good Morning America)

Keep Showing Up: Q&A (Los Angeles Review of Books)

This Is How I Save My Life book excerpt (CBS)

Breaking The Rules: A Conversation (The Rumpus)

Author Spotlight: Amy B. Scher (Zibby Mag)

6 Fun, Funky, and Important Queer Bookstores to Shop Your Reading List (Thrillist)

How To Write The Truth (Pipeline Artists)

The Best Books To Break Your Reading Lull (Shepherd)

Video: Advice For Writers (Australia’s Ticker News)

Writers Tell of Faith Lost and Found (Publisher’s Weekly)

Bestselling Author Amy B Scher Releases Memoir (Times Of India)

Podcast: Zibby Owens’ Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books where Amy talks about her memoir and offers advice to writers

Help Your Book Become a Bestseller (Independent Publisher)

Write Now Coach interview with Amy

Interview w/ Amy: Book Pipeline’s Adaptation Contest winner

Mental Health/Wellness/Healing

5 Signs Therapy Isn’t Going as Well as You Think (Oprah Daily)

Is Your Self-Care Making You Secretly Burned out? (Oprah Daily)

A Life Threatening Illness Took Me Where I Least Expected (Zibby Mag)

My Mom Traveled To India To Save My Life: This Is How I Thanked Her (Washington Post)

Lyme Disease and Other Tricky Tick Diseases (The Telegraph)

I Was Wrong About Coronavirus And I Admit It (New York Daily News)

This Is How I Save My Life (CBS)

Why I Donated My Eggs at 21 (Forward)

This Chronic Life with Amy B. Scher (Dr. Rawls)

A chat about chronic illness, setting boundaries, grief, fear, and acceptance (AfterEllen Podcast)

Healing, Surviving, and Coming Undone (Little Visioneers podcast)

You’re Gonna Have To Take Care Of Yourself and Also Live A Little (Beyond) 

Healing Yourself (Dr. Amy Robbin’s podcast)

What Happens When The Daily Hustle Gets Out Of Control (Medium/Mom’s Don’t Have Time To …)

Video: The Bo & Luke Show for Mental Health Awareness Month

Healing Can’t Happen In a Bubble of Fear (LymeDisease.org)

How To Set A Meaningful Intention For The New year (Refinery 29)

This Is How I Save My Life (Yoga Journal)

She Was Ill For Years, Now She’s A Health Guru (Jewish Chronicle)

Podcast: Insights From The Edge with Tami Simon where Amy talks about healing depression

The episode described as a “very good hug” (Spiritual Asshole)


Go Beyond the Beach At These Inclusive Destinations (National Geographic)

My Mom Traveled To India To Save My Life. This Is How I Thanked Her (The Washington Post)

6 Fun and Funky Queer Bookstores (Thrillist)

LGBTQIA-Friendly Getaways To Start Your New Year Right (Thrillist)

6 Queer-Owned B&Bs Worth Visiting (Thrillist)