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Amy’s Healing Story

In a nutshell

8+ years of chronic Lyme disease, Epstein Barr Virus, inflammation, nerve damage and other health failures = only completely resolved with no recurrent symptoms once I finally went back to balance my energy system and address/release the emotional component of my illnesses.

15+ years of intensely painful menstrual problems (endometriosis, fibroids, polyps) and accompanying chronic fatigue symptoms + 5 surgeries + every medical and alternative therapy I could find = only resolved after using energy therapy techniques. No drugs, no supplements, no special diets.

How it started

After 8 years suffering with Chronic Lyme disease and other associated health failures, I  recovered largely thanks to an experimental embryonic stem cell treatment in India. However, the endometriosis, fibroids, polyps and intensely painful menstruation that I had suffered for 15 years, became dramatically worse. I began to question why this too, didn’t heal with such radical treatment. And not only didn’t it heal, but it got worse. Then, years after my stem cell transplant, I start to see the emergence of some troubling symptoms — very similar to the ones I originally experienced. All Lyme tests were negative, but it was later confirmed that chronic Epstein Barr Virus, various food allergies and other conditions that I had been free of for so long, were back. This meant, once again, my immune system was impaired. I was scared to death that I would end up where I once was, in a downward spiral of chronic pain.

So, I started to look more deeply at my health conditions than I ever had before….

I obsessively researched alternative ways to get my debilitating menstrual issues (pain, heavy bleeding and fatigue) under control. I tried everything from a world renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor to herbs to special diets and supplements. After endless therapies with the best specialists and 5 failed surgeries, I became determined to find out what was really causing this. I knew that whatever was causing my body to be so imbalanced, this could manifest, was likely why I couldn’t stay well from all of my other health challenges. The immune system, when it’s strong, is the gatekeeper for disease. Something was wrong at a fundamental level — and it had to be somewhere I hadn’t looked deeply enough at yet.

“If treating the body alone doesn’t resolve the challenge, then the body alone must not be what created it.” – Me

What contributes to one person manifesting a disease or post traumatic reaction to an event, while another person remains healthy? What will help ignite the body’s own mechanism for healing after the onset of injury or illness?

I began to explore the concept of energy, and how the body actually has its own energy system. If it becomes imbalanced, symptoms of any kind can arise.

What I found out

After working with myself first and then many others, I believe wholeheartedly that unprocessed emotions, unresolved trauma and damaging belief systems (ones we don’t even recognize we have!) are the biggest contributors to why we suffer with symptoms. In many ways, the way we experience our lives from an emotional standpoint is a blueprint for how it unfolds.

Not only do stored energies cause us to experience intense emotional reactions like fear, excessive worry, and sadness; but they have a huge impact on our immune systems, which affect our physical bodies. By releasing these emotions, we free ourselves from negative emotional patterns, and employ our immune system’s full healing capabilities.

I believe because the trapped emotional energy I was storing in my body was never addressed, the stem cell transplant forced the physical repair of some of my body; but the underlining emotional energy was still there and just began to remanifest in different ways. While I grew so much spiritually and emotionally in India, I eventually fell back into some of my old unhealthy patterns of living and thinking when I returned.

Although disease is often viewed as a negative experience, I do believe that it is a vessel to help us clear out from our lives that which no longer serves us. It’s the sometimes-hard-to-see silver lining to suffering. And while I had many ups and downs in my process of healing, I see now with clarity, there was purpose to it all.

Where I am now

After learning to move energy in my body and  addressing emotional links to my symptoms, I found wellness again. And I know in my heart, it is for good. The feeling that accompanied my return to full health is nothing like I’ve ever felt before — like I’ve truly healed to my core.

I addressed issues like:
  • Being extremely fearful of things like germs, not being in control, and the future — which really translated to deep fear about not being safe in the world
  • Being scared to be healthy (yes, I really had that fear and I believe the majority of ill people have it in them somewhere too)
  • Unprocessed grief, resentment and other issues
  • The emotional patterns I now find to be prominent in those with chronic Lyme disease.
  • Why I was still holding on to my illness (finding the upside to my illness and discovering limiting beliefs)

I now live a normal life without the interference of menstrual issues. The worrisome symptoms I started to experience once again years after my treatment in India completely reversed. I am healthier and happier now than I have ever been in my entire life. I truly feel this is because I went back and healed all the parts of myself that were struggling – not just my physical body. I re-established a foundation for myself in this world – one without the fears I had carried for so long. In turn, I believe I sent strong messages to my whole being that it was safe to relax…and that released my immune system from so much of the stress it was burdened by. I put myself in a space of allowing my complete healing.

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