Addressing the “missing piece” of healing

While many of us go to great lengths for our physical health, we often ignore how much our emotional wellbeing affects us. Because it’s hard to see how negative emotions are affecting you and impacting your entire life, we often miss addressing this piece as a key to our healing.

In my own life, after utilizing the best medicine, optimizing my nutrition, and detoxing myself within an inch of my life (ha!), I came to a place where I knew “turning inward” was going to be the key to finally being and staying, well. But it all felt so ‘out there’ and hard. (Spoiler alert: that’s why I had to create my own way to do things).

Everything about true healing comes down to one simple rule I’ve learned: You must become who-you-really-are.

That means to love, accept and be yourself no matter what. Oh, and also, to give yourself a freakin’ break. You can’t contract your energy for others or for fear or for anything else. No light dimming allowed. Your entire body feels best when you are living in that state of being. When you get to the point of being unapologetically you, your energy will flow, your body will be in full healing mode, and you’ll be on your way to miracles. Bonus: Life will also be more fun and a million times easier than it is now.

But so much stuff can get in the way of that, right?

I truly believe that straying from and separating from your inner being, or who you really are, is a major contributor to discontent in the body. But life is life; and we get buried by the stress, trauma, emotions, and all that tough stuff. The good news is that we can gently uncover ourselves by releasing all that’s holding us back.

The more you let go of, the more come back to being unapologetically you, and the better your life will feel. It’s called being “in alignment” (we’re talking with who you are and want to be, not with everyone else) and it’s the state in which you have the most healing potential in your body, too. Yep, it’s that simple.

Want to know more? Read on.

“If treating the body alone doesn’t resolve the challenge, then the body alone must not be what created it.”– Amy B. Scher

Some snippets of my approach to healing – a tried and true formula.

When I finally acknowledged that healing my internal landscape (emotions, thoughts, and beliefs) was the was the last stone unturned after years of radical medical treatment, I didn’t know where to start. Then, I worked super hard and drove myself super crazy trying to release all my emotional “stuff” – and in an neat, organized way. Of course that didn’t go as planned …

The good news is that you most definitely don’t have to release every little thing in order to heal. After healing myself permanently and completely, and now helping thousands of others, I have this stuff down to share with you.

But, how do you get there?

1. Surrender, Accept and Flow

Being right where you are and being ok with that is part of the healing process. I know it sucks and you’re trying to get out, but learning to accept and love yourself in all of your ungraceful glory, is super important. Learning to forgive yourself, laugh at yourself, and stop beating yourself up about every little thing, is part of why you’re here. Ironically, getting that will help you move forward to the places you want to go. Part of the reason this is key is because constantly fighting where you are wastes energy. And it’s hugely stressful for your body. “It is what it is” is a favorite quote to explain this part of healing. To accept where you are right now doesn’t mean you’re giving up, but instead seeing things for how they are this very moment — like it or not. And then, most importantly, shifting your focus to what you DO want, because it will help bring it closer, faster. Being light and gentle with yourself during all of this is ultra-essential because a being that is berated will not easily heal. You know how it feels when other people have done this to you? All the years of trying to unravel the messages you got from parents, teachers, and other relationships? You need to start sending the opposite message of that. When you do, your body will release the pressure it’s been holding of having to change RIGHT NOW. I promise, it will make a big difference in your life.

2. Identify and Clear Blockages

My approach to finding and clearing blockages includes finding imbalances that contributed to your symptoms; and finding imbalances that are keeping you stuck where you are.

First part: Trauma, stuck emotions, harmful belief, fear, and other emotional patterns all affect the immune and nervous systems, including every part of your body. Over time, these energies can take a toll on your emotional and physical wellbeing. Identifying what old emotional baggage contributed to where you are today is essential so that we can clear it out and allow your body to get into healing mode as quickly as possible.

Second part: In order to heal, you must be in 100% alignment with it: this means wanting to heal, feeling deserving of health and happiness, and believing you are able and ready to heal. If at any level there is a block here (this is often in the subconscious mind), it’s going to be an uphill climb and very difficult. I see blocks to healing show up most strongly in those who tell me nothing is working to help them feel better; or they feel better for a time and then slide backwards. I believe that every illness or challenge we have, has an upside at a deep subconscious level. I want to say here to be clear: This is not your fault. At all. But it can still keep you stuck. How does the issue or challenge keep you safe? How does it serve you? This was one of the biggest discovery pieces in my own healing journey, and it is for many of my clients too. I believe the only way our bodies can tell us what it needs is through symptoms. And, I believe it does so in metaphors. I’m a natural at discovering why the subconscious might have manifested specific issues so I’ll help you through. But it can be eye-opening to even just be aware of this phenomenon.

When all of that is cleared, much healing can unfold. After releasing blocks contributing to and keeping you stuck in your challenges, it’s amazing to see how everything can begin to change. And funny thing is, often all the things you’ve been trying that weren’t working? Well, those things start to work too. I always get messages from doctors and practitioners telling me that once their clients started this emotional work, everything started to shift. It’s so amazing to see these changes!

3. Change Your Relationship with Stress

It’s so important to find the emotional energy that is contributing to the challenges you’re experiencing. If you suffer from physical symptoms, we can very safely assume there is at least some negative emotional energy stressing your body. Addressing this alone is a huge piece of the healing process. Our internal reactions to old experiences, emotions, and trauma from our lives create a burden on the immune. Stress though is not the problem. Releasing and changing our reactions that come from old memories and emotions can have a huge impact on your life. Huge. And when we work on re-building ourselves at a core level, we don’t need to be afraid that every little thing will trigger us or cause problems in our lives. Basically, we need to change our current reactions so we can chill out and relax. Your mind and body will both thank you for it.

4. Become the True You

This is my very favorite part of what unfolds during healing – we get to see that you that’s been trying to emerge! This is the you that’s feels lighter and happier and trusts life more fully. All of this will naturally happen as the layers that have been keeping you stuck are released. This is where you also get to establish new patterns of thought and install positive emotional energy to replace all the old stuff you’ve let go of.

I truly believe that straying from and separating from your inner being, or who you really are, is the root of discontent in the body. The more you come back to being unapologetically you, the better your body can feel. It’s called being “in alignment” (we’re talking with who you are and want to be, not with everyone else) and it can change your healing path and your life. It’s so worth the work!

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