I’ve been lucky to help change so many lives. Here are some kind words from just a few of my wonderful clients.

Writing testimonials

Just what I needed

The help and understanding you provided in creating my proposal and query are unparalleled – and just what I needed. I have been searching for the right kind of assistance for a while… Whether I get a book deal or not is almost immaterial. You helped me through a hard “packaging” process and I’m a lot wiser for it. 


I finished my project, at last!

I was completely stuck when Amy swooped in, and in only two sessions, got me completely back on track. I have now finished my project (that dragged on for years!) and was inspired to start my next one immediately.

Writing student

Every writer needs Amy in their corner

She will work tirelessly to help you craft your project, even during those times you want to give up; her support and enthusiasm is unflagging. She knows the in’s and out’s of the process and publishing industry and guided me so expertly at every stage (and pushed me where I needed to be pushed) that what initially felt impossible became totally doable.

Writing client

Amy has a unique ability

She’s able to help writers get their best work done. She is able to highlight the exciting creative aspects of a project while also strategically outlining exactly what publishers need to see from a business perspective in order to make an offer.

Diana Ventimiglia
Acquisitions Editor (formerly with Simon and Schuster, now with Sounds True)

I sold my book to a publisher!

Working with Amy is a true partnership. She possesses the right balance of creativity, strength, and collaboration needed to produce a successful project. I sold my book to a great publisher and couldn’t be happier!

Writing client

She’s the best at what she does!

As a literary agent for over 13 years, Amy has shown me the ability to help her clients organize, structure, and powerfully present work that thoroughly engages the editor and their publisher, assuring the salability of any book or project.

Steven Harris
Literary agent, CSG Literary

I’m signing a book deal!

I’m grateful for Amy’s help. She was critical to this process.


Finally unblocked

WOW. Amy is a master Sensei! She helped me totally unlock my work and turn it into an actual reality.

Writing client

Amy got me unstuck

I was facing a nightmare of wanting my dream of being a writer but not being able to make it happen. Amy changed all of that for me in one session with her. I’m so thankful.


Healing Testimonials

Divine Evidence!

You are my divine evidence that the universe can assemble whatever puzzle pieces YOU ARE into a gift to humanity. I was seeking a unified practice beyond traditional nursing, more efficient than hypnosis, deeper than naturopathic remedies, more empowering than emotion code, more aligned with mind-body, and with a lasting vibration of spiritual self realization. You have helped me believe it’s possible. Thank you profoundly for demonstrating the powerful creators we truly are. Forever grateful!


Much better!!

I discovered Amy’s book and work in 2020 when I was really really sick, could hardly go out of bed. I had no hope. Her book has accompanied me as my most cherished and precious friend since then and to have helped me is to say the least. I would not be where I am today (much better) without Amy.


My old self is back!

I am feeling less anxious and more motivated, upbeat, happier, hopeful, and joyful! I am starting to feel more like my old self! Thank you!!!


I felt so much better after class!!

Before class I was experiencing some POTS symptoms and joint instability. After our energy work, I went on a walk and didn’t feel dizzy or unstable. THANK YOU!


The BEST value

Amy packs more into a 30-minute session than I’ve gotten in hours of work with other practitioners. And in just one session, I got results with a chronic condition. So thankful!


Just what my body needed

I’m so grateful that you developed a technique that can gather up anything that EFT tapping may have left behind. I know that it’s absolutely possible to heal with all sorts of methods, but your The Sweep technique seem to be what my subconscious/body needs! So thank you, thank you!! 

Healing client

How Amy helped me

“Amy helped make my world right again!


Huge, huge improvement

After my first session with Amy, I was able to help put the groceries away! Something I have been unable to do for quite some time because of my severe illness. I was shocked to be able to do this since I knew I was “tired” from our session, but it just happened! This is a huge, huge improvement for me already.


Life is beautiful

My healing has sky rocketed and I am feeling so much better. I actually hold a job and even am building my own business helping women. I have so much in my life now that I could never have had without Amy’s support, love and guidance. I am not in pain all the time and life is beautiful.


A tremendous help

Working with Amy has been a tremendous help in identifying and releasing many trapped emotions contributing to layers of fear. Her intuitive abilities have been both accurate and valuable to the healing process.



I feel AMAZING! I have not been this happy in ages! I’m on cloud 9! Not only is my fear and sadness lifted, but I am feeling more positive and confident about my future. I even made it through a 14hr day, which is unheard of for someone with Chronic Fatigue!


I am so grateful I found Amy

I am so so so so so grateful I found Amy and the work that she does. I have never felt this connected, safe, or hopeful with someone about so many difficult emotional issues I have struggled with since I was a toddler.


Amy’s work is amazing!

I am thrilled to see the shifts in my son since working with Amy! He hasn’t had a long stretch of mostly good days like this since he got sick. More people should really be looking into emotions – what a huge factor. Amy’s work is amazing!


So much happier and hopeful for the future

I left my first session with Amy feeling so much lighter, happier, and hopeful for the future. I made more progress with her in one session than I did in 3 years of therapy.


Amy is making a difference in the world

Amy is making a significant difference in the world. I am so grateful to have met her and she has forever changed my life. She inspires me to be a better person and to follow my spiritual path.


I have a blueprint for how to move forward

Amy brought a new level and dimension to my healing, and most importantly gave me hope. So many things have been and are currently so novel and transformative for me — the idea that I don’t have to heal all at once, that it’s enough just to nudge the needle; that I can do it in bite-sized pieces and don’t have to think so hard or worry so much about the method of healing- I can just play the YouTube video of you going through The Sweep and insert my own beliefs that I want to clear; that it’s enough just to reach for a better feeling thought…I could go on and on. I feel like I have a blueprint for how I can move through this healing journey. But most importantly is the hope that I can and will get better, that she has and I will, too.


The book changed my life

After working with your book (How To Heal Yourself From Depression) for 10 days, it changed my life. I continued working and after six weeks, I healed my chronic fatigue and and now I’m off my headache medicine. I used to take 4 pills a day and now occasionally I’ll take a pill when I’ve got a headache. It healed my problem of being afraid in the morning every morning. I would get up and I would be scared. It was like I got abused last night and I’m supposed to wake up and carry on my day. So that problem went away. Now when a feeling comes up I recognize it right away and I take care of it right away. I have my life back and I get to do things I’m up from 6:30 till like 11 o’clock at night. Doing things were before I was sleeping at that time. Thank you for everything that you’ve done. I want to say you have no idea how much you’ve helped but you do. My family is still in disbelief. I got my miracle.


Amy significantly improved my healing

The sessions with Amy significantly improved my healing process. I was able to address and feel things I wasn’t able to access on my own. I am very grateful for her help and amazing insights.

Private Client

My entire life changed

I had headaches for almost my entire life. Then, one day, I started getting even more neurological issues – pressure in my head, buzzing in my whole body, and panic attacks. Many days, I couldn’t even get out of bed. Within three sessions with Amy, my entire life changed. I had worked years on the emotional issues in my life but nothing came close to this work. I pretty much have a new life and have never been more thankful!

Private Client

The best decision I have made

It is an amazing journey! It is giving me back hope for life and a future when I believed I did not have one. Taking Amy’s course is the best decision I have made for regaining my health!

How To Heal Yourself Course Student

I’m filled with gratitude

Working with Amy has created substantial shifts in my life. I attempted emotional healing through psychotherapy for over 20-years and I had been through chronic illness and two suicide attempts. It is such a relief to truly be able to resolve issues and move on. Amy makes that possible. She has the utmost integrity and sensitivity. I’m filled with gratitude; happiness, connection and well-being have entered my life.

Private Client

The best money I ever spent

The investment in Amy’s course and book are quite possibly the best money I’ve spent in twelve years and tens of thousands of dollars of trying to get well!

Angela J.
How To Heal Yourself Course Student

“You, your books and the session you gave to me have absolutely changed my life and I tell everyone I know how inspiring you are! Thank you for helping me heal from Hashimoto’s and Fibromyalgia!! AFTER 5 YEARS I AM PAIN FREE!!!!!” – Ana

“Almost 15 years ago I experienced an unimaginable trauma. Years of therapy helped, but every now and then the memory invades my life and prevents me from living to my fullest. This happened again recently and I asked Amy if she’d help. I had done a little EFT before but wasn’t fully convinced of its benefit. I was willing to try again though with Amy’s guidance. She is amazing. Amy walks you through the process, explaining everything as you go. I always have difficulty recounting this trauma, yet Amy’s openness made me feel comfortable, cared for, and safe. I knew I was going to feel different this time. And I did, even immediately afterwards. Usually after a regular therapy session I would continue to cry and get caught up in the emotion all over again. After working with Amy I felt an incredible sense of calm. It was as if I had really, finally, let the emotions wrapped up in that trauma go. I had never even heard of muscle testing but it really made a difference in quickly finding issues from my past. I recall these experiences but never imagined that the emotional energy from them was still trapped inside. Rediscovering those experiences with Amy and releasing their energy was truly freeing and eye-opening.”


“For several years I suffered from chronic heartburn, acid reflux, and abdominal bloating to a point that it almost became part of my regular life and I came to see it as normal. I visited several western medicine doctors that never found a reasonable explanation for my suffering and often prescribed anti-acid and IBS drugs. When I spoke to Amy about my problem, she immediately set herself on a quest to find the root energy of my problem. From the very first session, I felt great improvement. I could literally feel the energy shifting within my body as she was working to restore the normal flow of my body’s system. Very patiently, she explained to me the underlining reasons for which my digestive system might not be working as it should be. First of all, she used ‘energy testing’ to find the valve that connects my large intestine with my small intestine was not contracting properly, which caused my intestines to swell, thus pushing my stomach up and out of position. This contributed to my acid problems. Amy used energy techniques to reset this valve and eventually my stomach stopped being as bloated as it regularly was. Besides this, she helped release stuck emotions that were contributing to the problem. It’s been months since I have had to take any anti-acid medications and I don’t have to be afraid to eat foods that I would have never dared to try. Now, before I even consider going to a regular doctor, I try the methods that she taught me as a first resource.”


“I came to energy therapy as a bit of a skeptic but Amy Scher has me completely converted. She avoids the stereotypical image you might have of an energy practitioner. She’s extremely down-to-earth, very ‘real’ and in my opinion, one of a kind when it comes to this kind of therapy. I had been involved in a very long and emotionally draining legal battle with an abusive family member and when the date had been set for mediation I knew I had to find a way to prepare myself for the day. Amy worked with me using EFT and other tapping to quickly find and remove many damaging emotions that I had about this family member; and I was able to release many of the issues I’d been carrying since my teens. The mediation was a success, much of which I credit to Amy. She made me feel in control of the situation (and the family member) instead of how I would usually feel, which is intimidated and obliged to give in to their demands. In short, Amy gave me my power back and she made it easy. I am extremely grateful for her help and would highly recommend working with for overcoming any traumatic events in your past that are affecting your life today.”


“I have always had an intense fear of germs. When I was a teenager, I was actually diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and was on prescription medication. I scrubbed my hands with bleach and was literally terrified of germs. I wouldn’t even touch certain things in my own house without disinfecting them first. Eventually, the side effects of the drugs became too much and I just learned to live with it. I had a session just to try it out as we can always get rid of stuck emotions; but it wasn’t at all intended to be for this problem. It was actually so part of my life that I hardly thought of it as a problem anymore. Amy found several trapped emotions, one of them being terror. She released it from me and I didn’t think much more of it. A week later I was on a plane home from a work trip when I realized that I didn’t use antibacterial wipes to disinfect my whole seating area! I did that religiously every time I traveled, which was many times a year for work. In fact, I didn’t even realize it until halfway through my plane ride home. What I learned is that when you have an emotion unprocessed and still inside of you, you both attract that emotion constantly (the law of attraction), and react strongly to that emotion in every area of your life (as you resonate with it already). My fear of germs was released when the emotion processed out of my body. I feel so much lighter and freer by not carrying this around with me.”


“My experience with Amy Scher was exceptional. I had never even heard of EFT or thymus tapping or any of the techniques Amy uses, but was very open to trying something outside of traditional therapies and treatments for my issues. Amy was patient and thorough in her explanation of how the methods worked and why. She answered all of my questions and was completely committed to the work we did together. It is extremely important to understand the science behind these modalities, so you can understand how they can work for you. She was able to break the information down into a totally user friendly way, so that I could continue the work on my own, which she encourages for maximum results. Not only is she extremely bright, but she is also incredibly intuitive, which is critical in identifying the issues and then going to work on them without wasting a lot of time. I truly felt I was in a protected and safe haven in her presence, and found her kindness and gentle demeanor a rarity. I can also say with complete confidence that I saw a tremendous amount of progress with my issues in my day to day life, and was completely blown away by some of the things that she uncovered. It was a truly enlightening experience, and as we are all a constant work in progress, it is very reassuring to know I can go back to Amy to work on other issues as they arise.”


I heard about Amy from my Lyme Disease doctor. I had so many different things going on and had been to so many practitioners that I was sick of it all. Amy is really funny though and kept things so light hearted. It made it easy to look at things from a different way and get to some of the deep stuff that was imbalancing my system. Working with her has really opened my eyes to realizing that the bacteria alone is not causing my symptoms. We’ve been working on clearing energy blockages and I’ve made so much improvement. I feel better and more hopeful and I have so many things I can do to help myself now too.


“I came to Amy because I heard from several people she’s helped a ton of people with Lyme, CFS, and allergies. I could hardly eat anything, but Amy helped me systematically balance my energy system in relationship to each and every food that caused a bad reaction. We worked on emotional energy and it turned out everything was related to past events. I had no idea emotions played such a big part in allergies. We used different techniques for each food allergy and the process wasn’t only successful, but really fascinating too! I wish I hadn’t spent all those years doing acupuncture, NAET, and other things that kept requiring weekly appointments.”


“I have a chronic illness and my immune system is constantly under pressure. I did some research and found out how unresolved issues can have a serious impact on your immune system. I found Amy through a friend who was seeing her with great results. We used a few different ways to work on this, but they were all easy! I have noticed an improvement in my level of fatigue and also just how my body reacts to things now that I’ve been doing the energy work. I feel so much healthier overall like I can actually count on my immune system to help me heal now. I can literally feel the lessening of pressure on my immune system and I believe with more work, I can get out of this chronic illness pattern I’ve been in for so long.”


“I used energy therapy techniques Amy taught me to help with my endometriosis and painful periods. They were so intense that I had to take narcotics every month just to bear the pain, and that still do not work very well. With the techniques I learned, I was able to keep my energy flowing, which in turn helped my period to flow without getting ‘stuck’ which I think was causing the pain. The blood clots became smaller each month and would be less painful to pass. Meanwhile, I worked on emotional issues that might have been contributing. I am now not only off all painkillers, but I feel so much more in control knowing I have a set of ‘tools’ to use during that time of the month.”


“I had great success with Amy using the Thymus Test and Tap and EFT. Amy figured out a particular block I had with my father that had resulted in me carrying around resentment for him that was affecting our relationship. Once she identified the issue, she was able to clear the emotion and the resentment disappeared. I was amazed at how powerful these tools are, and how quickly the results follow. I am now enjoying the friendship with my father that I had always wanted, and never thought was possible.”


“My life has been one trauma after another. I came to Amy and wasn’t even sure which of them were the most important events to work on first. She helped me realize that I could make peace with my past and change my body’s reaction to these horrible events. In addition, I learned that sometimes the things that are affecting us the most, aren’t even the big traumas we think of in our lives; they are little things people said or did to us. Amy has a really calming way about her and made the process so easy and sometimes even fun! I feel lighter than I ever have since clearing out all of this old baggage.”


“The positive results of energy therapy have exceeded my expectations. I came to Amy to help resolve my persistent digestive problems. Not only have my stomach problems disappeared along with my persistent dizziness, but so did my phobia of speaking in public! I guess they were all related and all the stuck emotional energy we released shifted everything. I hadn’t been able to give a speech in almost 10 years and now can talk in front of people with no problem! I continue to be amazed every time I notice a positive effect on several aspects of my mental and physical health.”


“From the first day I started to work with Amy I felt more confident in my ability to resolve my problems. She taught me Emotional Freedom Technique and other energy techniques to help myself. In my case, I have to deal with the sequels of a debilitating disease, so every thing happening to my body is scary. We dealt with that to start with and I started to feel a greater sense of well being, being in possession of my own life rather than putting out fires. The panic attacks and constant fear reduced dramatically after one session and over time, I recovered completely from them.”


“I started seeing Amy after not being able to move my neck. This had gone on for three years and I’d tried everything; or so I thought!! Within an hour of working with Amy just on releasing emotional energy from my past, I was able to turn my neck 20% more than when I came in. That was so unexpected and I am so grateful. Amy used something called muscle testing to get answers from my subconscious mind about what was wrapped up in the issues. Thank goodness because they were things I never would have guessed in a million years.”


“I have Amy working with my teenagers. I swear she is a “teenage whisperer.” Another family friend of ours had sent their son to her too and had great success with not only his attitude, but a physical issue he’s been dealing with. This is not an easy age, but they all love her. She doesn’t talk to them like therapists do and they have learned so much. I’m thrilled they are clearing out their stuff now. I see them all blossoming into who they really are and I know it’s because of this work.”


“Sadly, there have been so many traumatic events in my life that I was overwhelmed with where to start. Amy made me feel so safe and reassured me we would get to them in the order that was best for me. She used muscle testing which allowed me to feel like my body was really guiding the process. I felt connected to everything she did and one by one, we released my past traumas. I cannot even begin to explain what a difference this has made in my career, relationships and my energy levels.”


“EFT has helped so much with my anxiety. I no longer feel helpless when I feel an anxiety attack coming on. I can usually calm myself down within a couple of minutes, whereas before, I would spin out of control and have to take anti-anxiety medication. I have also learned to tap into where anxiety might be coming from, so I can dissolve the source and make it less likely to strike in the first place. I think EFT is an invaluable tool and am so thankful to know how to use it on my own in between sessions.”


“Prior to seeing Amy and since the break-up, I always got mopey driving — that pain in my chest. Driving home last Monday night, I was fine. Never even thought of her. I slept well that night, but did wake up thinking of her and lamenting. I did the tapping in bed then again in the shower and I was past it. I felt really good, and have continued to do so. Done the tapping now and again if I start feeling badly, but overall I’m doing really well. Not having the physical pain really helps give me room to sort through the mental issues.”


“My son witnessed me attempt suicide and developed behavioral problems. He would get angry and yell at his classmates. Children refused to have play dates with him. 10 days after his second session with Amy, he expressed his anger to his mother calmly and clearly. He is happy at school, he walks arm in arm with friends and they’re asking for playmates with him. I am so relieved and he is so happy. Years of therapy couldn’t do what Amy has done for our family.”


“I went through an event when I was a child that most probably wouldn’t consider traumatic, but it really affected me. It was affecting my marriage and causing me to become rageful in certain situations. I had a few sessions with Amy and it just made the hugest difference! I now don’t get to that place where I “snap” anymore. It truly feels like I’ve released all the emotional tension that would getting triggered for me. I just wish I found energy work sooner!”


“I can’t believe I didn’t find energy therapy before this point in my life. I have tried everything for my issues like procrastinating, self-sabotage and more. Amy really helped me to find where my energetic blocks were, and remove them! I’m seeing such a huge difference in my life. It didn’t happen overnight but layer by layer, we did shift things. I believe releasing emotions from my past was a big part of that. I am so grateful.”

Steven, San Francisco, CA

“I constantly flew off the handle before working with Amy. Being in my marriage was miserable because I was triggered by everything my husband did. Amy helped me to release the past emotions that were causing me to have this gut reaction every time I felt unsafe or disagreed in my marriage. Not only do I feel so much better, but my husband noticed this shift even after my first session.”


“I asked to be re-tested for the blood clotting disease that was keeping us from getting pregnant when I went to see Amy, and my test came back negative! Now this has been known to happen in some cases but my original test results were “high positive” so it’s pretty amazing. It came back normal the next time too. They want me to test a third time to be sure, but I believe the clearing worked and that test too will be negative!”


“I can’t begin to describe the physical changes that have taken place in my body since my first appointment with Amy. I have been virtually pain free in my back and hip since!!!!! The huge knot on my right spine has dissipated and is so much smaller…the inflammation feels like it really went down. I haven’t felt this good in my body in what feels like years. I still have some minor pain and stiffness but I feel a heck of a lot better.”


“In sessions we addressed issues more and more profound and I experienced a healing compassion and true love from her. In that sense also she is a true healer. I am looking forward to continue to work with Amy, as she helps me to reconstruct myself the way it should have been done in the first place. I truly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a better life for themselves, and wants to be free from the oppression of outside abuse of any kind.”


“My doctor recommended me to Amy. She said she really helps a lot of her patients so I was hopeful! The results I got really blew me away though. I had so many issues that were stuck – thyroid, pituaitary, back problems, painful periods – and after doing all the emotional release work, everything started to change. My lab tests even improved! I finally feel like I’m on the right track now and headed back to health.”


“I had severe migraine headaches, usually 2-3 times a week. Amy told me it would take several sessions to rebalance my body, but it turned out that there were only a few emotional energies related to my problem. We did one session using two different techniques and my migraines literally improved 80% so quickly. I still can’t believe all it was an imbalance in my energy system after all those years of taking medication!”


“I have Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, you name it… I’ve been working with Amy just a couple of months and I’ve gotten SO much better. I actually have enough energy to do my errands now and not crash for days afterwards. Emotionally, I feel more stable and grounded than I ever had. She also taught me how to use a technique called EFT on my own so I’m not dependent on her in between sessions. It’s really changed my life.”


“I felt like I benefited more from my first session with Amy than with all my hypnotherapy work. She has such a presence and a way, an aura almost about her that is calming and reassuring. It’s like I can feel the goodness and healing abilities. I am super happy to be able to work with Amy and get back peace and balance in my life.”


“I started working with Amy just a few weeks ago and I cannot even begin to describe the difference for me. I suddenly don’t feel so cut off from the world and all the things I used to worry about, are affecting me less and less. It literally feels like a wall is being taken down that’s allowing me to enjoy my life again. I am so thankful.”


“Amy has a gentle and powerful way of working with her clients, leading them to discoveries about themselves and solutions to many situations. The effects of her work is both immediate and long lasting, her methods are flexible enough to deal with both old and new stresses. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to develop a path of self discovery and healing.”


“I went to see Amy after being “stuck” for years. It was just this sense of being overwhelmed and lacking in joy. I honestly feel like I slowly came back to life. I started to find more joy in life, connect with others, and just feel safer out in the world. The gift of those few sessions with Amy was the best I ever gave myself.”


“Finding Amy and learning how to clear emotions led me on a profound path of healing I never thought I would discover! This therapy gets to the roots of all your issues, really allowing your body to heal without anything blocking it. I am eternally grateful to Amy for the help she has provided me and my family on our healing path!”


“I’ve really enjoyed working with Amy. She is a great listener, highly intuitive, and one of the most compassionate practitioners I’ve worked with. In the short time I’ve known her, she’s already helped me shift in some key areas. All from just a few sessions through her very focused work. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!”


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