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I help people break through blocks to become their happiest, healthiest, selves. My approach has helped thousands of people overcome chronic illness, emotional challenges, and more. (PS. I was one of them)

Here's how it works:

  • Understand how invisible emotions may be negatively affecting you
  • Discover how to decode your body’s language and symptoms
  • Release stuck emotional baggage and blocks, even if  you don’t know what it is
  • Use simple techniques that work (you can do them all by yourself at home)
  • Follow a proven method that often works when nothing else does
  • Recommended by physicians and used in medical organizations nationwide

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Heal yourself when no one else can

(Here’s what that means … and don’t worry, I’ll help you)

A different approach to healing

I’ll help you address what might be the missing piece for your healing.


Discover exactly what stuck emotions and patterns are blocking you (and why you might not heal fully until you address them).


Use my proven techniques to gently release stuck emotional energy from the body, even if you don’t know what it is.


Finally feel better, heal better, and move on with your life. Become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

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While not a substitute for medical care, I’m honored to have my work endorsed by prominent physicians and used in medical organizations nationwide.

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Read one of my books (now in over 20 languages) where I share my healing journey, and teach my signature tools and techniques that have helped thousands of people heal when nothing else has worked.

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Discover my comprehensive healing approach based on my bestselling book, How To Heal Yourself! In 10 pre-recorded sessions, learn my techniques, get guided healing sessions, and recieve lots of support to help you feel and heal, better.

Please Note: I do not offer certification or professional training in my healing work; so please beware of any practitioners doing “energy readings” or healing sessions claiming to work in a certified capacity.

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A note from Amy

I never had any interest in learning about medicine or health. But with a history of chronic illness, I found myself on an adventure to discover the foundation of healing. Why do some people heal from emotional or physical issues, while others don’t? Through extensive research and my recovery experience, I found what’s often the most important piece for healing (especially when you’ve done everything else) — addressing unprocessed emotional baggage in our bodies.

If you’re doing all the “right” things, have seen wonderful doctors, tried lots of different therapies … and still feel sick or stuck, you’re not alone. I was once where you are now. It was only after I addressed “me” (my mind, body, and spirit) that I healed permanently and completely.

I now teach other people how to identify and release their own emotional baggage to become their happiest, healthiest selves. Thousands of people have used my work to overcome their emotional and physical challenges, often even after they’ve “tried everything” or felt like all hope was lost. And I believe you can, too.

You can read my whole story here.

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If you want to:

My books are available wherever books are sold, at the library, and on audiobook. They’ve also been translated into sixteen languages with more on the way!

The short story: I used mind-body-spirit healing, which is the process of addressing your whole self for complete wellness—mind (mental patterns), body (physical self, including energetic patterns that affect the physical body), and spirit (the energy of who you really are at the core). In my own experience, and after almost a decade of ‘incurable’ illnesses, it wasn’t until I addressed all of these aspects of myself that I got and remained completely well. The longer story: You can read my whole story here. But grab a cup of coffee because it takes awhile. If you still want more, read my healing memoir, This Is How I Save My Life. For that, you need chai tea (you’ll see why).

Oh my gosh, so much to say. First, I’m sorry. It’s so so hard. But it can be used for good too (sometimes finding purpose is easier than making sense of it). I’ve poured so much advice into my books, but in a nutshell, here are 8 important things I want everyone to know. You can also find tons more advice below and on my blog.

No way, definitely not, sorry but nope. My work is not a replacement for medical care. However, in my experience, chasing every single virus, bacteria, etc. does not usually create lasting health. It’s important to see the “bigger picture” and focus on supporting your immune system as a whole. Most health experts agree that stress, trauma, and our emotional wellbeing is directly linked to our physical bodies. This is good news as it means that addressing the emotional aspect of illness can support your overall well being. This was my own experience. This approach worked for me, when treating only my physical body did not. And it’s the same for a lot of other people. So don’t ditch everything you’re trying to do energy work. But if you’ve tried everything and nothing else has worked, this just might.

If you are wondering if there is an emotional component to _____ condition, the answer is probably yes. I’ve found that even with physical issues, there is most often an emotional energy that either contributed or is making it harder to heal. Energy therapy can reduce stress on the immune and nervous systems, which will then allow the body’s natural healing ability to become stronger, no matter what the challenge is.

f you’re looking for insight on how to work with my techniques for your specific emotional or physical challenge, here’s something important to know:

Stress and trauma are common denominators in many conditions.

There is not a standard to-do list for different conditions or issues. For example, what is connected to one person’s anxiety may be totally different than what’s connected to the next person’s. That’s why I wrote the How To Heal Yourself book series – so you can learn exactly what you need to do for your own unique situation; just as I did for my own healing.

All of the books in the series offer an entire encyclopedia section on what specific ailments, body parts, organs, and more are linked to which emotional energies so you can work on releasing them.

If you are experiencing Lyme disease and are looking for help finding a doctor, please go to for a list of lyme-literate physicians. It’s important to approach healing by supporting your whole body. I also recommend exploring integrative physicians, traditional Chinese medicine doctors (acupuncturists), naturopaths, or whatever type of practitioners you resonate with.

Some articles on Lyme I’ve written can be found here:


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