Why trying to heal too fast won’t work (and may actually stall you)

Without fail, every one of my clients eventually asks me, “So, how long does this healing process take?” When you’ve been sick or dealing with a problem for a long time, you want it over with….NOW. Trust me, I get it. But, healing fast isn’t necessarily the best way to heal.

I believe the deep, full healing we all want to experience is a gentle, winding path of retracing what got us to this dis-eased (either physical or emotional) space in the first place. It is exactly how I healed myself from chronic health issues, and how I help clients heal using energy therapy techniques.

Although I only work with the energetic emotional component of healing, because our mind and body is so so inter-connected, one cannot be looked at separately from another. You have to consider, if you’ve manifested symptoms in the physical body, the original imbalance has been there far longer than the symptoms that finally caught your attention.

Why making physical healing your main goal can be a mistake

I actually see more of the ‘I’ve-tried-everything-in-a-gung-ho-way’ people be stuck at a standstill, in comparison to those who come to me with a different energy about their process. Those who approach their healing with curiosity and the intent to heal fully, down to the core of who they are and all that brought them to this place in their life seem to actually make more progress. Illness, in my opinion, is never just physical. A physical illness is a huge upset in the system…one that has likely been brewing for quite some time. It didn’t get there overnight and it won’t go overnight either. Insisting it will and employing 10 treatments at the same time in an order to force it, doesn’t change that.

Most people who can only see the goal as “getting physically well” completely miss the true purpose and lessons of dis-ease. To me, this is a major mistake as healing down to the core  is a way to ensure long lasting wellness. I see emotional or physical challenges or symptoms as a sign from the body that you need to explore your life. What is it trying to tell you? What do you need to correct, re-think, or heal before you can move forward in your life with ease?

It is my belief that disease cannot happen unless your immune system allows it. Your immune system only allows it when not fully functioning. According to many studies, stress (and not just the kind where you worry about having too many chores!) is the biggest factor in a weakened immune system. Stress can be anything from stored trauma, fears, limiting beliefs or simply not living your life in a way that’s true to you (aka, separating from yourself spiritually or emotionally). There are many common emotional patterns leading to stress but with some guidance, each person can find what is true for them.

If we try to force the process, we are not taking the journey of full healing, which invariably includes discovering why and how we manifested a dis-ease or condition. THIS is how you make sure you never get back to that place.

How many times have you heard of someone who gets medical treatment for one thing or type of illness, only to manifest something else when that’s gone? I have been one of these people and I believe it’s because the underlining issues that triggered the disease on an emotional and energetic level, were never cleared.

How trying to heal too fast can slow you down

I believe in part, we manifest physical or emotional dis-eases for a purpose; to fulfill needs in our lives or to keep us safe. When that very thing that has served us is threatened by a process, a treatment or another person who is trying to take it away too fast, our protection can grow stronger and our system can almost literally revolt. Once we find the reasons an issue or illness is serving a client, it is always such an aha moment and they are so eager to clear them all quickly, in a businesslike manner – and boy do I get that! They often comment about how gentle I am in my wording to them during sessions – using phrases like “it might be safe to be in this world without being sick.”

The reason I am doing this is because of experience. The need for an illness at an emotional level is such a strong anchor, that if you try or even suggest taking away the safety net quickly, it seems this can scare someone at an unconscious level. Trying to heal too fast can actually be a healing block in its own right.

As much as I wish everyone could heal at a rapid pace, I truly believe it’s not necessarily the best path.

So then, how to heal best?

I feel that approaching the healing journey as an integrative, flowing, weaving, uncovering of your life is the most fulfilling and effective way to approach it. Focusing solely on being physically healthy can be a huge mistake; you will miss so much of what is on the path that will actually help you get to 100% health.

Being faced with the possibility of a quick recovery from anything you’ve had for awhile, can actually bring up feelings of fear, anger, and much more. This is because if you took a person’s illness or other problem away without healing why it might be there, it is not serving to the body. It actually wouldn’t feel good to the person at their core.

By becoming curious on your own adventure of healing, you can put yourself in the right direction. Become ok with healing at a pace that feels good to your body, be excited and thankful that you have this opportunity to look at your life and reinvent it. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is something you can use on your own to start accepting where you are on the journey, and come to peace with a new pace.

Chasing the bacteria or virus or dysfunctional cells to blame for your symptoms, is what I believe, a road to nowhere. When you are able to look beyond all that, you can find the gold that gives you the security of wellness that will last a lifetime.

How emotional healing and energy therapy can help

  • Releases all that emotional “stuff” from the energy body in terms of trauma, negative emotional patterns, unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs. This will work to restore the body’s own self-healing mechanism which will be your greatest tool (remember, stress on the immune system is a huge part of how illness occurs).By doing this, you will also be putting yourself in a better position to receive the benefit of the medical and alternative treatments. I have had countless stories of people telling me that once they started working at an emotional/energetic level, their practitioners were amazed at how their treatment protocols actually seemed to become effective (this includes supplements being absorbed better, chiropractic and cranial sacral work being easier to do and actually holding, and more).
  • Helps you to discover, uncover and release all the reasons the dis-ease is serving you. When there is no purpose emotionally (like keeping you safe, supported, getting out out of things you might be scared to confront, or helping you justify things in your life you otherwise could not), the body doesn’t need the illness anymore at a physical level. This is a very strong personal belief I have based on my own past health experience and much experience with clients).

Ah, now isn’t that worth waiting for?

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