Regret and hindsight: A new perspective

By Amy B. Scher

“I think the best way to look at hindsight and regret is not to pretend everyone did everything they could have – but to accept in our humanness that no one ever does every single thing they could have or should have or in the way they might have wanted; because we can’t. We have limitations. We have our own lives and distractions and traumas and stresses. We have only the ability to make the decisions and take the actions we do in the present moment. Undoubtedly later we will see how we could have done things differently. That’s the entire way hindsight works, right? But hindsight is not reality; it’s reflection. It’s not real. And the best way to make peace is to make it with the reality of what we were dealing with, not the reflection of it.” – Amy B. Scher


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