A holy grail of healing? Let’s ask Dr. Lissa Rankin! (video)

By Amy B. Scher

I first found out about Dr. Lissa Rankin when I read her mind-blowing book, MIND OVER MEDICINE. It informed so many of my own beliefs and perspectives about healing
So it was a true honor for me to be able to interview her about her new release, SACRED MEDICINE: A Doctor’s Quest To Unravel The Mysteries of Healing, which offers legitimate tools and practices from the world’s medicine bag that can genuinely help those who conventional medicine has failed to help. 
I got to ask Lissa all the questions I’ve always wondered about, like:
I loved this book. It will make you feel less stressed and less alone. Lissa is a smart and wise teacher and has been a personal comfort and sounding board to me over the last two years, trying to navigate this post-covid world.


P.S. You can order the book here or learn more about Lissa here.