Why to embrace the joys of being mediocre

Uggggh. I love inspirational quotes and positive thinking as much as everyone else, but seriously….do any of you ever get exhausted by it?

Logging onto social media, I saw this TWICE in the same few minutes.

To be honest, I DO WAKE UP TO BE MEDIOCRE sometimes.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been more and more tuned into the importance of ignoring the constant pressure to be positive and productive all the time and just living a little.

You know what surprised me? I find WAY more joy in not trying to always be doing something great or important. I find joy in mediocrity. Joy when I say NO when I feel like it. Joy when I don’t get all my work done and go outside instead. Joy when I just let myself relax into who I am versus who I could be if I just tried/worked/thought harder.

Who is with me?

Any other takers for mediocrity out there? It’s kind of awesome actually.