Setting the record straight on ‘healing yourself when no one else can’

Healing yourself can feel like a huuuuuge task, can’t it? I remember the days of taking this on myself, realizing it was gonna be ‘up to me’ in so many ways. I was right in many ways. But being the adamant Virgo that I am, I also completely overwhelmed myself with the idea of self-healing and I got a lot of things wrong. That’s why I want to set things straight for you.

Self-healing means a lot of things … but there are also lots of things that it doesn’t mean.

Let’s start with those.

Self-healing doesn’t mean:

You have to figure it all out alone.

You can’t take medicine.

You can’t seek support.

You have to find a singular cure (or any cure at all).

Something’s wrong with you if healing isn’t happening how you think it should.

Healing yourself when no one else can is all about aligning all parts of you (especially those that no one else can address) — to healing.

Amy B. Scher

Healing yourself does mean:

You don’t ignore the inside work that no one else can do.

You become honest about all aspects of illness and emotional challenges — even how you may be contributing.

You listen to what your body and life might be calling you to see, do, or change through this experience.

You listen to yourself about the things that no one else can understand.

You trust that you’re always good enough, even when things aren’t healing fast enough.

You give yourself a freakin’ break because you’re probably doing so much better than you think.

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