1:1 Sessions

Hi! I know it’s not easy to ask for help, but I’m so glad you’re here.

I offer 3 types of sessions and cannot wait to work with you.

New session slots open around the 1st of every month.


Energy reading session


20 mins

Perfect if: You use my techniques, but want help understanding how to address your specific symptoms and challenges. This session will give you expert guidance so you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

An energy reading session allows me to tune into your unique energy system and help you identify exactly blockages are keeping you stuck, plus give you clear directions on address those blockages with my techniques. You’ll leave our session with an organized list of homework that will help you make progress faster than you have been on your own.

How will an energy reading session help you?​

  • Benefit from my years of experience and intuition to gain a deeper understanding of your journey
  • Get my help to identify specific emotions, subconscious beliefs, and more to address
  • Be more confident using my signature techniques for your  unique challenges
  • Leave with a targeted list of “healing homework” to do after our call at your own pace
  • Get your healing questions answered from someone who has been where you are


Energy reading + healing session

30 mins

Perfect if: You want help identifying blocks and using my work in real-time (live clearing). This session is designed to help you get some immediate relief and feel more hopeful about your future.

As someone who healed after a decade of chronic illness (and has also helped thousands of others), I want you to do the same. But I also know sometimes we just need someone experience to do it with us. That’s why I’ll give you guidance, help you clear some energy blockages in real-time, and offer you you clear “next steps” so you can be more empowered moving forward.

How can an energy reading + healing session help you?​

  • We’ll do live energy work on the call using my signature techniques
  • I’ll identify exactly what specific emotions, beliefs and patterns are blocking you
  • Feel supported and guided by an expert who understands the healing journey
  • Leave with an organized list of  “healing homework” to continue moving forward
  • Get all your questions answered about healing and how to use my techniques


Writer’s strategy session

30 mins

Perfect if: You’re a writer who is blocked or stuck but ready to move forward on your publishing path (with a solid plan to get you there).

With over two decades of marketing + publishing experience, I’ve published five books with major publishers—all without a college degree or any formal training. I’m proof that anyone can be a writer. My speciality is non-fiction and book proposals, but no matter your project, I’ll help map out a clear path forward—and give you the expertise, marketing support, resources, and confidence you need to take action.

What can a strategy session with me do for you?

  • Get your publishing questions answered
  • Help you shape, clarify, and find the smartest angle for your book
  • Plan a strategy for your non-fiction book proposal
  • Get customized marketing advice 
  • Map out the best next-steps to take to move your work forward