How to let healing find you

Sometimes healing can feel like so much darn work, can’t it? I remember the spreadsheets for my supplements, the calendar for my doctors appointments, and ALL THE CHAOS IN MY HEAD when I obsessively researched new treatments to try.

But here’s something to consider.

When we only focus on the physical aspects of healing, we rob ourselves of the ease and healing that happens when we relax. Doing doing doing isn’t the only way to repair our bodies. It’s not even the best way. In fact, sometimes you need a little break from that focus in order to get to your next healing level.

There is so much good that comes when you relax.

“Healing can find its way into your experience through something inspiring you read, a gentle awareness, finding compassion for yourself, or a silent moment that brings new insight or guidance. These types of healing experiences are impossible to have if we are in mental or physical overdrive.”

– from Ch.3 of How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can.

So next time you’re feeling like you have to try, try, try — try instead, to simply, stop.

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