A Favorite Life Hack: “Morning Pages”

I’d been hearing about “morning pages” for years before I actually tried it! And it’s been one of the most transformative, therapeutic practices of my life. Plus, it’s fast and free.

I see morning pages (as coined by author and artist Julia Cameron) as a “brain dump” of 3 scribbled pages when you wake up in the morning. It helps you get all the negativity and self-judgement and worry out before you start the day.

My pages are so messy you literally cannot even read them!!

This practice is not “journaling” or a practice of reflection. It’s “spilling” everything out, never to be reviewed again.

That’s why it works.

I sometimes do “morning” pages into afternoon and night when I need it, too. Ha. And in my writing group, we start off all classed with this exercise because it truly helps us be more creative and free with our thoughts and ideas!

If you’re a perfectionist or have a lot of self-judgment, try morning pages!

You can learn about morning pages and the idea behind them, here.

Try this every morning for a week and see how you feel.

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